How can prey take possession of Jesse Poliojarvi?

The Nashville Predators have mostly taken care of the business this season, but they may have another step up their sleeves. While we all wait for the news from Yakov Trenin’s arbitration award, let’s take a look at how the Preds front desk can make a move for Jesse Puljujarvi.

Can Nashville’s predators pull a deal for a polygarve?

The Nashville Predators have had a great performance so far, and they’ve already signed up to help score points deep inside Nino Niedereitter. Despite the quality of this season, general manager David Boyle doesn’t have to stop now.

Preds can make some moves to run in Puljujarvi. They can achieve this goal by making a few listing moves and shipping from a full-time NHLer or two to make the trade work.

Currently, Puljujarvi is on a one-year, $3 million deal with Edmonton Oilers, signed on July 26 as reported by the team’s official Twitter account. Predators can withstand the blow of his hat even as Yakov Trinin keeps pushing.

As it stands, the Preds have about $4 million in cover space according to Friendly Cap Before Trenin’s signature. Some of this money can be freed up from transferring some of their players to Milwaukee Admirals.

The Predators have a few players who could move up to the AHL level like Michael McCarron, a depths center who was in the fourth grade for much of the 2021-22 season. You can pass it on, Marcus Nurmi, and have a newly minted John Leonard. This will save about $1.8 million of cover space, putting the new cover at about $5.8 million, which is easily enough for Trinin and Polygarve.

To get Puljujarvi, the Preds will have to put together a decent player who has proven at the NHL level. Some good options are Dante Fabbro, Eeli Tolvanen, or both.

Fabro is a solid defender, but with Ryan McDonagh coming in to strengthen the center back, I don’t see a place for him at the top 4. He deserves to go somewhere where he can play to his true potential, and not be stuck in the bottom pairing.

Eeli Tolvanen would be another good piece to move on. He’s solid across the board, but unfortunately he couldn’t find scoring ways last season. I feel the Preds are willing to give him another chance, but if not, he’d be a perfect piece to trade away.

If the Oilers ask for two players, I think it’s still a good idea to move those two players. Fabro won’t get much icy time this season, and Tolvanen may just need a change of scenery to find his scoring ways again.

If the Preds are exchanged for Puljujarvi, they will get a quality depth piece and put their career 36 points in 65 games last season. Deep scoring is something this Predators still need more of, and Puljujarvi would be a great choice to help with that.

The Nashville Predators have a chance to improve their depth even further in the later part of the season. Only David Boyle knows what he wants for this team, but if it were me, I might have my sights set on Puljujarvi.

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