‘There have been some long nights’: Goodwin cherished another NFL chance with Titans – LaGrange Daily News

Terry Goodwin of Trobe County will get another chance in the NFL as he signed with the Tennessee Titans last week. This is an opportunity that Goodwin didn’t know if he’d get early enough after being released by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“I knew God was going to open up another opportunity whether that was through football or some other path,” said Goodwin. “There were some long nights. I prayed. I cried. I talked to my family, look where I am now.”

Goodwin got his chance at the moment when Jaguar promoted him to the active roster again in 2020. Goodwin had 3 assists for 32 yards in three games when he was active in 2020. Goodwin went into 2021 thinking he had a chance to build on. . His success the previous season, but it wasn’t to be. Goodwin suffered a devastating lower leg injury in the off-season that kept him out for the entire season.

“You just get out of there and bleed, sweat and cry with these guys, and there you work so hard, you just can’t get out there and get that feeling anymore,” Goodwin said.

The physical hurdles on his way to recovery were tough, but it was the mental hurdles that proved to be the most challenging for Goodwin.

“The physical aspect wasn’t that bad, what really affected me was the mental part,” Goodwin said. “Physically, the coaches and the whole team will try to get you there.”

Goodwin had to learn to trust his body again when he got back on the football field. After being out for so long, it was hard for him to put the injury to the back of his mind at first.

“When I first started running and cutting, I felt like it wasn’t me,” Goodwin said. “To feel like this was crazy.”

Goodwin never made his injury an excuse. He worked his tail off to get back into the NFL roster. Now, as a member of the Titans, he wants to repay their faith by performing at its highest level.

“I want to get out there and show them I’m the same person I was before and go out there and show them I can be a feature for the team and do some plays when my number is called,” Goodwin said.

He’s hoping to see his number called this season regardless of capacity.

It’s a fresh start and a new number for Godwin. Having donned the number 14 jersey for Jaguar, Goodwin will wear the number 80 for the Titans. Although abandoned by the Jaguars, Godwin is fond of his time when he wore the black and blue outfit.

“DJ (Share) took me right under his wing,” said Goodwin. “He’s been there for two years and we just got in touch and then Lavesca Chino came in as a rookie and got in touch with us.”

Chark left the Jaguars this season, but these two guys along with another former Jaguar—Keenan Cole—helped Godwin adjust to life in the NFL.

While they helped Godwin adjust once he hit big time, it was Callaway High School and head coach Pete Wiggins who helped shape Godwin into the man he would become.

“This is a place I will never forget,” he said. “This is where I put my foundation in. Just being able to represent Callaway and Pete Wiggins is amazing. Not many people know about Hogansville, Georgia, so helping me put them on the map and put them on my back and represent them means a lot to me.”

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