Aaron Fuller’s former Husky dreams come true with Seahawks

RENTON – The Seahawks have two of the safest things in the NFL at receiver DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett.

But after a week of boot camp, almost everything in the receiver looks like a question mark.

De Escridge, selected last year, struggled with injuries again, missing a week of training with a hamstring injury after taking in a few plays on day one, and it was unclear when he would return to training.

And while remainders such as Freddy Swain and Benny Hart appear to be high on the shortlist, and veteran Marquis Goodwin was also an early camper and has a close relationship with newcomers coach Sanjay Lal, nothing is guaranteed in a year. When the Seahawks are retooled after a Russell Wilson trade.

Seattle has 13 receivers on its roster, vying for what will likely be five or six spots on the 53-player team. Logically speaking, nine or so are vying for a spot or two after Lockett, Metcalf, Eskridge and Swain – the latter two appear certain there are points on the roster even if their roles aren’t specified – and perhaps Goodwin.

This means that events like Saturday’s mock game at Lumen Field, which is scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m., and the three pre-season games that will follow, could be as important to the set of receivers as making an impression as players in any other position. .

One of those who feel a particular urgency to make an impression is Aaron Fuller, the distinguished former Husky.

Fuller has been on the coaching staff for the past two years and is now in his third training camp knowing it could be a tough season to stay on the list in any capacity. The Seahawks will keep some receivers in their 16-player training squad that can be assembled after being reduced to 53.

But with the Seahawks adding a handful of receivers this off season, including two rookie seventh-round players the team no doubt hopes to keep, even staying on the coaching staff looms large once again as a very competitive proposition.

“It definitely brings more competition into the hall,” Fuller said of Seattle’s Bo Melton of Rutgers and Dariki Young of Lenoir Rayne in the seventh round last spring. “They definitely want to get these guys in as many plays as they can and make them appear and things like that. But at the end of the day, it’s up to me to do the job I have to do and put effort and consistency into my play.”

Fuller’s two-year stay on the coaching staff shows the Seahawks have seen enough to keep him around. And they’ve even given him a huge reward for his work by being promoted to the active roster for the final game of the 2021 season against Arizona. Fuller got some shots in special teams and was on the field for the final kneeling game, his first NFL move.

“It was just one of those ‘dream come true’ moments,” Fuller said. “It didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted it, the number of plays and things like that. But it was kind of a “I can do it” moment. It’s something that can be built on in the coming years.”

But life on the coaching staff can be bittersweet. Coaching team players, who can earn $9,200 to $14,000 per week during the season this year depending on their level of experience (the minimum wage for a player on the active roster this year is $41,470 per week) bear all responsibilities Same for the players. The list of 53 players during the week but on gameday they gave in to being spectators. In other words, being a full-fledged NFL player every day of the week but the most important.

“It’s definitely great to be in the NFL,” Fuller said. “Your dreams are still alive and you get a chance every day to prove yourself and things like that. But at the same time, it’s not where you want to be and where you set your goals. So there are definitely pros and cons to that. (It’s just) make the most of it. of opportunity.”

Fuller, who left the UW with the seventh largest reception in the school’s history (159) and was also the team’s primary bet yielder in his last two years, signed with the Seahawks after the 2020 draft on shows that included one from Houston, about a four-hour drive from his hometown of McKinney, Texas, in part because of the comfort he felt in Seattle.

He said he had received offers to go elsewhere but felt that staying with the Seahawks “was the best-case scenario for me”.

Fuller impressed the Seahawks with a few big plays during scrimmages in his rookie season, specifically catching a mock landing from Geno Smith against tight coverage from Shaquill Griffin.

He then netted five goals in three pre-season games last year to equal third place in the team.

And while there will inevitably be a fascination with new players on the roster as pre-season begins, Saturday’s mock game provides Fuller another opportunity to show Seahawks coaches why they were interested in signing him two years ago, too.

“It’s kind of crazy,” Fuller said. “Three years have passed.”

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