Cowboys’ Travon Diggs claims his brother won’t catch him at the Super Bowl

There is no such thing as brotherly love. Two of the most talented NFL players are brothers. The Diggs brothers may play on opposite sides of the ball, but they are both Pro Bowl players. Tryvon Diggs is a football player for the Dallas Cowboys, and his older brother Stefon is a wide receiver from the Buffalo Bills.

Due to the age difference between them, the two were not able to play against each other in high school or college football. It was the first time we had seen the two of them compete against each other in the 2022 Pro Bowl and skill competition, and it was such a treat. The two had been going to her all weekend, which brought smiles to the faces of many fans.

Unfortunately, the two play in two different conferences. This means that the only way the two teams can play each other during the 2022 season is if the Cowboys and Bills both make it to the Super Bowl. The probability of that happening seemed very slim, but if it did, Tryvon didn’t seem to be afraid of his older brother at all.

When asked about it in training camp, the 23-year-old told Andrew Siciliano and Ladinian Tomlinson that His 28-year-old brother didn’t pass it once.

“Nobody,” said the Cowboys Kornback.

Cowboys CB Trayvon Diggs and his brother Stevon Diggs joke about trash about the Super Bowl

NFL Network announcers took turns visiting training camps across the league last week. Of course, the day after Siciliano and Tomlinson visited Oxnard, Mike Garavolo and Michael Robinson were hanging out in Rochester, New York, at Bells training camp. When chatting with Stefon and centrist Josh Allen, the topic was brought up quite clearly.

“I heard my brother was talking about trash,” said Stefon.

Garafolo, who always seemed to have the best information on literally everything in the NFL, didn’t know what he was referring to. So, Robinson filled everyone up.

Allen decided to get into the fun banter.

“10 vs 160, two knights [touchdowns]Said the quarterback, dropping the microphone and walking away.

It was enough for Stefon who followed him by saying, “I heard it from the quarterback. Trey knows what it is.”

We’re here for any trash talk Brother Diggs. The two seem to have an excellent relationship, and Trivon admitted earlier in camp that he and his older brother trained a lot during the sabbatical to improve both matches.

While the likelihood of seeing the two at the 2022 Super Bowl is low, there is some good news. according to cowboy wire The NFC East and AFC East are scheduled to play each other in 2023. So, if Diggs is still with the Cowboys next year, he will finally face his older brother in an NFL match. I’m sure many flashbacks will be played for this video in a week.

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