Duo accused of looting the Fort Myers Beach home, using a fake FPL poster to evade deputies

FORT MYERS BEACH, FL – Deputies from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) said Jonah Runnels and Alyssa Olmsted were caught wearing champagne, after a home was looted in Fort Myers Beach early Tuesday morning.

“Good humans and good people suffer from that,” said Kevin Paradiso.

Representatives said the truck had an FPL emergency response sticker so they waved them past. But MPs are now unsure whether the poster was real.

“When you just try to go forward, small steps back, it kind of breaks down a little bit,” Paradiso said.

The LCSO said it took nine minutes once the duo passed the checkpoint, before they were seated in handcuffs.

A Pasco County patrol car saw something fishy near the Hickory Trail.

So they pulled up to the F-150.

Representatives said they saw Alyssa Olmsted at an open door with a bottle of champagne, and Jonah Runnels not far away.

They asked if the two of them lived there, which they didn’t.

Then MPs arrested them for looting and violating the curfew.

This all sounds very familiar to Kevin Paradiso.

“Hurricane Ian took so much from us, there was nothing left in our house,” he said. “There was so little saving but so little saving got smaller because of bad humans.”

Several items were stolen from his home immediately after the storm, such as jewelry and alcohol. So he understands the frustration.

“Looking further,” he said, “my fishing reels, my daughter’s keyboard, her ukulele, and many other things that were so valuable to us that I didn’t really think they would be so valuable to someone else, but they were to bad mortals.”

There isn’t much protection for his home at the moment, but he’s grateful for the extra patrols.

“Lee County Deans patrol the entire area so frequently that it makes me feel better, but not everyone can watch everything,” Paradiso said.

We reached out to FPL, and they told NBC2 that Jonah Runnels was an off-duty contractor, but Alyssa Olmsted was not.

Full FPL:

We are aware of a home burglary in Lee County. One of the individuals allegedly involved, Jonah Runnels, was an off-duty contractor not in the FPL business. The second individual has nothing to do with FPL. The accusations are deeply disturbing and we are deeply disappointed that the alleged actions of one individual could tarnish or discredit the selfless work of the thousands of men and women who worked tirelessly to help rebuild our society in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. For more information about the investigation, please contact the Lee County Police Office.”

Neither of them were at Fort Myers Beach early this morning in the FPL business.

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