Illegal fishermen arrested in Rhode Island for keeping fish palace and lots of fish

Two groups of fishermen are stopped on the Sikong River in Rhode Island. Here’s what happened in their Facebook post:

On Monday, September 26, 2022, the Rhode Island Environmental Police received a report from an anonymous caller who observed illegal fishermen suspected of taking small, highly striped bass along the Seekonk River in eastern Providence. An officer responded and called four fishermen in a pickup truck as they prepared to leave the area. The officer noticed eight striped bass, three of which were less than 28 inches minimum, in the bed of the truck. The driver was issued a criminal summons for possession of a striped bass that was undersized and over the permissible limit. The second officer arrived, and the two officers noticed a different group of people cleaning up what appeared to be a tiny striped bass.

These Hunters were in possession of eight small size and two legal streaked busses. Two subjects have been issued a criminal summons for possession of striped bass that is undersized and over the permissible limit. A quotation certificate was also issued for saltwater fishing without a license. A total of 16 bass stripes were tuned during this period. The fish was not suitable for human consumption due to improper storage. They were donated to the Rhode Island Wildlife Clinic (the Rhode Island Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) to feed the bald eagle in their care. DLE would like to thank the anonymous caller for reporting the poaching activity as it occurred to the 24 hour DLE dispatch center.

On Tuesday (9/27), a Narrow River patrol officer in Narragansett identified two Massachusetts residents, one of whom was actively fishing. The officer identified four small-sized striped bass in their possession. A check of their car found seven extra bass stripes. The fisherman who was fishing admitted to having caught all the fish and a criminal summons was issued for possession of a small striped bass and exceeding the striped bass possession limit. The fish was confiscated, determined unfit for human consumption, and donated to a wildlife clinic.

Help us protect what’s yours and protect Rhode Island’s precious natural resources by reporting suspected poaching activity to the DLE at 401-222-3070 (24/7). Contacting our dispatch unit while suspected violations are occurring allows officers to respond immediately and feasibly to stop active poaching. Please be prepared to provide accurate location information, details of alleged illegal activity, clothing descriptions and descriptions of vehicles/vessels.

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