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Alexis Ohanian, husband of American tennis star Serena Williams, is one of the most lively personalities on social media. A businessman often engages in activities related to his investments and loves to have fun. He is one of the main investors in Angel City Football Club.

Aside from handling aspects of the business, the Reddit co-founder supports the team as a fan. Recently, he took his daughter Olympia to cheer for the team. A few years ago, the representation of women in football was remarkably low. This gave Ohanian a reason to invest in a women’s soccer league team. Ohanian also believes that there is similar growth potential in women’s golf. He took to Twitter to announce the same.


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Olympia could be the next female Tiger Woods

Ohanian has expressed his desire to see women’s golf grow. He said it was an undervalued sport. Furthermore, the Reddit founder predicted that it would be a female Tiger Woods in the future. This is what it is chirp.

3 years ago I tweeted like this + it ended up getting started Tweet embed So here it goes: I think women’s professional golf is the next underappreciated sport in the US/world. It’s only a matter of time before they have a file @Tiger woodCharming star (Olympia?)”.

Furthermore, he talked about the recent growth in women’s golf.

“The sport has seen record growth during the pandemic, especially with younger players, a large social media presence, and plenty of time in front of the camera to build relationships with fans during matches. This is not as obvious as women’s football, but I really hope to see it thrive.” He said.

Ohanian also spoke about Olympia’s interest in golf.

Olympia also asks to play “Putt-Putt” in every city we visit, so I’ll pay more attention + to the LPGA Tour,” he added.

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The founder of Seven Seven Six has always been innovative in his series of investments. The tweet could be an indication of a big future investment as well.

Serena Williams’ daughter is interested in sports


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A few days ago, a video went viral where we saw Olympia playing tennis with her mum Serena Williams. The video made fans wonder if the four-year-old would follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a professional tennis player. Recently, another video The post on Twitter by Alexis Ohanian has fans talking about Olympia’s diverse interest in the sport.

Auckland, New Zealand – JANUARY 12: American Serena Williams celebrates with her daughter Alexis Olympia after winning the final against Jessica Pegula of America at the ASB Tennis Center on January 12, 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

This time, the sport was football. It is worth noting that, after watching the match of the Angel City club, Olympia played football with her father, scored a goal and played a pass with the heel of the foot.


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Although it can’t be said what sport she will pick up, the four-year-old definitely has an interest in sports. It would come as no surprise that she is as athletic as her mother.

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