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New Delhi, November 2 (IANSlife): The travel population of our country has always been very diverse in terms of its choices and tastes. Millennials and Generation Z have contributed to this by constantly searching and traveling to remote locations that provide interesting experiences. GoSTOPS, a leading backpacker hostel brand, has offered premium properties in two of the most sought-after areas in the country with the needs of young travelers in mind.

The largest venue in the collection so far is the goSTOPS Goa Vagator, while the main goSTOPS Bir Landing Site puts guests close to the sky. For visitors who enjoy adventure and have a variety of indoor and outdoor travel experiences, both lodges have recently opened.

This brand new hostel in North Goa is a popular choice among travelers thanks to the area’s pristine natural beaches, clear skies, lush green palm trees, exciting adventure activities, and an inclusive party atmosphere.

It has 144 beds in dormitories and 8 single rooms (in terms of number of beds), it is well located near popular nightlife spots in Goa, only 1.5 km from Vagator Beach, 2.3 km from Anjuna Beach, 1.7 km from km from Ozran beach. .

It has a sprawling common area with two indoor and one outdoor spaces. It also has a lot of fun entertainment options such as a coffee shop, swimming pool, table football and pool table.

goSTOPS Bir offers 5 single rooms with colorful furnishings as well as a large dormitory room with 42 beds. This new hostel is ideally located only 900 meters from the neighborhood bus station. Guests of the lodge have a very impressive view of the top of the hill and the gliders flying over it, the paragliding site is only 1.5 km away.

In the paragliding capital of India, taking in the world from a bird’s eye view is a truly extraordinary experience. Visitors can also roast marshmallows over a bonfire and watch the paragliders paint the sky while they sleep at the new Bear Hotel.

GoSTOPS Bir’s central location makes it easy to reach nearby cafes and any other outdoor attractions nearby. Visitors to the hostel can interact with each other while enjoying a variety of amenities and entertainment such as pool tables and indoor activities. They can also take advantage of outdoor hammocks and barbecues.

The hostel is ideally located for travelers wishing to explore Pere beyond paragliding to its close proximity to restaurants and other popular tourist destinations.

Both properties include beautiful outdoor dining spaces with a garden terrace design where visitors can connect with other travelers and share personal stories. Additionally, it features workspaces with free WiFi. There are more exhilarating activities available for tourists who want to explore Beer and Goa as well as classic activities such as paragliding, indoor games and sunbathing on the beaches.

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