Finnegan breaks through the mental barrier, ready to prove himself in the country

Shelby's Huck Finnegan will go for the first cross-country honor in all of Ohio in his career on Saturday during the state's Division II meet.

Shelby – Huck Finnegan sat down to put on his running shoes during the early hours of a beautiful summer morning in Shelby.

As he began tying his laces tightly, he deepened his thoughts and began to focus on the morning workout he was about to break. He quickly tied his laces, banged on his earbuds, opened the front door and spread out on the quiet roads of his neighborhood. Putting one foot in front of the other, his mind took him to a different place.

That place was Hedges-Boyer Park in Tiffin, home of the regional cross-country race. He started his career exactly the way he wanted to start the regional race which would come in about five months time. His race ran through his mind and feet on the roads until he got to where he’s been chasing since last October.

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