2022 NFL Record and Factbook: Fun Facts about the Buffalo Bills

Are you a fan who can’t get enough information about the NFL? Someone searching deep for content? Well, it’s hard to dig deeper than the annual NFL record and fan book. Curious how future schedules will change? Page 13. The most important news for the upcoming season? page 20 (see below). statistics? records? All over the dang thing! Let’s check out some of the fun stuff at Bills and of course, here’s the link if you want to continue or do your own dive.

2022 NFL Record and Factbook

Reasonable milestones for this season

Josh Allen needs 4,000 yards and 35 touchdowns if he is to match Patrick Mahomes with three such seasons in his first five. This wording indicates that Allen has already done it twice, so it’s clearly possible. A 17-game season wouldn’t hurt things either.

With five touchdowns, Allen will also match Cam Newton’s achievement of having five straight seasons with five or more. Allen could be on his way to his historic double-threat signs if he hits those two goals.

If Stefon Diggs can get 105 receptions this year, he will be the sixth player ever to reach 700 in the first eight seasons. Marvin Harrison leads the way with a score of 759, which means Diggs would need 164 catches to tie it. The singles season record (page 552) belongs to Michael Thomas, who had 149 with the New Orleans Saints in 2019. Diggs will need to outdo Thomas a bit, even with an extra game in the mix to make it happen.

Record Team Notes

The book is not infallible, listing many of the team’s old records. Looking for these errors is a good anticipatory activity while you’re looking at the book.

  • The book lists Steve Christie’s record in 1998 of 140 points as a captain in one season. We all know Tyler Bass has moved forward by one point in 2020. If the bills continue to turn downward at a high rate, Bass’s business may stop for him.
  • Josh Allen is correctly listed as the team’s record holder for 37 touchdowns in 2020.
  • For passing yards though, Drew Bledsoe’s 2002 record of 4,359 yards was lost twice by Allen. The 2020 season saw 4,544 yards from Allen.
  • Most rush records in one season are pretty safe I bet. Sorry Devin Singletary.
  • Stefon Diggs’ 127 catch in 2020 is the current record holder, as is his 1,535 yards in the same season.
  • Terrell Owens and Ryan Fitzpatrick hold the record for longest receiving at 98 yards. There’s not much wiggle room there, but it can be broken. Allen may be able to take advantage of most of these air arenas.

Random Fun Facts

  • Buffalo has owned the Carolina Panthers since the Panthers came out, winning 75% of the time (6 out of 8). This is Buffalo’s best win percentage against one opponent.
  • The Buffalo’s worst win rate is a draw against the Chargers and Buccaneers at just 33%. Chargers should get a nod as more games play (40 vs 12).
  • Or maybe you give that dubious distinction to Bucs, where games versus chargers include two tie-down competitions. I brought it up because the Chargers are the only team the Buffalo has drawn more than once, with a total of eight encounters in their team’s history.
  • The good news is that Buffalo has beaten charging crap in two AFL tournaments.
  • Buffalo’s most notable opponents are, of course, their first division rivals, starting with New England (125 games), the Jets (123), and Miami (116). Former division opponent Indianapolis comes in at 72nd.
  • Rian Lindell has the highest PAT percentage in league history at 99.77%.
  • In 1964, Ron McDowell tied the league record for most safety times in a single season with double digits.

These are some of the things that caught my eye this year. There is so much, and it’s always a fun evening activity for fans like me.

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