San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance learns. However, he got a lot of help. Last season, he spent his first year in the NFL learning from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, where he served as a reserve veteran. Lance has one of the best coaching staff in the NFL to help him develop. As Garoppolo works to prepare for his next chapter elsewhere, his other veteran colleagues step in to work with Lance and offer advice.Two of those veterans are his locker room neighbors, Salameh Jimmy Ward and linebacker Jason Ferrett. Perhaps the arrangement was not a coincidence. Ward and Feritt are two of the best pass defenders in the 49-man defence.

During Saturday’s practice, Ward grabbed a javelin-thrown soccer ball. That will probably spark some conversations in the locker room between my teammates.

“I’m sure he will [let me hear about it]Lance told reporters after training, ‘But he’s going to have to hear from me again tomorrow, so he won’t say much about that. But he made a great play, and he always helps me with little things.”

These discussions will accelerate the development of Lance. Salama 49es knows that helping the young midfielder is a recipe for the team’s success.

“We talk every day,” Ward said this week. “If I put him in a play, he’d come and ask me, ‘Hey, what defense were you all playing on?'” Or, “What made you bite down this road and not go into this area?” We just cut it this way, trying to make each other better.”

Lance added, “It’s great to have a guy like that. In that room, as much respect as he has, from me, from the whole team, and this whole organization, not many guys have the same respect as Jimmy. It’s great to be Being able to have a conversation with him, joke about him, and compete against him every single day.”
Then you have Ferret, who has yet to train after coming back from an ACL injury last year. This allows the veteran angler to keep an eye on everything his fellow locker is doing on the training ground.’Jason Ferrett is on the other side of my locker. It’s the same. [as with Ward]’ said Lance. It exercises attention, so whatever I give up or give away, we always talk back and forth. ”

As Lance reported on Friday on KNBR, the game has slowed down for him compared to his rookie campaign.

“I think when you say, ‘Things slow down,’ it gets better,” Lance explained on Saturday. “And for me, it’s every rep. Every rep I get, I think the game slows down, and that’s kind of how I work every day. One day at a time and every rep, trying to learn from him as much as I can.”

San Francisco kicks off pre-season with a home game next week against the Green Bay Packers on Friday, August 12.