Jake Paul’s boxing career record broken: YouTube star’s best fights and opponents ranking so far

When does Jake Paul enter the ring again?

Since 2020, YouTuber has dominated the world of boxing. He knocked out four of the five opponents he faced and improved in every fight. Paul’s YouTuber-turned-boxer career has sparked controversy over whether he’s good for the sport.

Just how legitimate is he in the ring?

In the past, Paul (5-0) has faced former NBA stars, YouTubers, and MMA champions. He was scheduled to face his toughest assignment to date at Hashim Rahman Jr. on August 6 inside Madison Square Garden. Rahman (12-1) has six victories by knockout and is the son of former heavyweight champion Hashim Rahman and Paul’s former sparring partner. The fight was called off after a weight dispute, among other factors.

Whether Paul re-dealed with Rahman Jr. Or go to take on a different opponent, there is no doubt that Paul is still very popular. While we wait, here are the details of his past five battles, ranked from easiest to hardest.

5. Nate Robinson (November 2020)

After defeating AnEsonGib in his first professional bout (we’ll get to him) and KSI student right after that, Paul went a different route and faced three-time NBA Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson. The fight was on a card that included the return of Mike Tyson against Roy Jones Jr. It was the perfect addition to the Triller Fight Club event he hosted.

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Robinson was dropped late in the first round after Paul was engaged to win. In the second, Paul Robinson was knocked down two more times. The second knockout caused Robinson to fall in the face first. Paul got the win after the referee stopped the match.

The Problem Kid looked like an improved fighter, even though his opponent wasn’t a factor.

4. AnEsonGib (January 2020)

Paul’s first fight was against YouTube star AnEsonGib, who already had boxing experience thanks to two amateur matches.

Paul had the advantage of obvious size, and AnEsonGib could not establish himself when Paul fired powerful shots at him. He scored three knockouts against AnEsonGib, and the referee had no choice but to call off the fight and award Paul a TKO win.

The 25-year-old fought for a legitimate boxing card in Miami, most notably Demetrius Andrade against Luke Keeler. It was a simple taste of things to come.

The memorable battle would always be the first, but it wasn’t the best.

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3. Ben Screen (April 2021)

This didn’t last much longer than the Nate Robinson fight. In fact, Robinson’s performance is arguably better than Askren’s.

After fighting YouTube stars and NBA players, Paul battled with a real Askren combat sports star. The ONE Welterweight Champion and Bellator were coming off an unbeaten streak in a fight in the UFC. His reputation for having a unique personality was perfect for Paul at the time.

It was an easy win for Paul, who knocked out what looked like an unmotivated Askerin less than two minutes into the first round.

2. Tyrone Woodley 1 (August 2021)

This was Paul’s first time going the distance, and it was against another MMA fighter at Tyron Woodley. Compared to Askren, however, Woodley, the former UFC welterweight champion, was in better shape. The beef between the two helped sell the fight.

Paul was economical on his punches, throwing 35 powerful shots. He landed 71 rounds overall compared to Woodley’s 52. It looked as if Woodley had a pee from the ropes and was ready to finish it. Paul managed to recover, and the fight extended a distance.

“The Problem Child” won by a split decision, but it wasn’t over between the two.

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1. Tyrone Woodley 2 (December 2021)

In December 2021, Paul was ready to fight opponent Tommy Fury. Paul trained hard for the “Love Island” star, when it was revealed that Fury had to back out of the match due to a broken rib.

Fortunately, the rivalry between Paul and Woodley was just beginning. About two weeks before the night of the fight (December 18), Woodley climbed up and confronted Paul. Just like their first fight, it was competitive from the start. Both fighters were trying to find an opening. Looks like we were headed for another shift where judges were needed.

Paul ended all doubt in one fell swoop.

Paul fired a massive shot that knocked Woodley to the ground. It was cold outside, and Paul stood before a shocked crowd. Although it wasn’t as competitive as the first fight, the fatal blow made it a bout and an unforgettable moment.

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