Full House: Best Episodes Ranked

The ’80s and ’90s were filled with decades of television franchise, which is especially true because it’s prime time to be a fan of sitcoms. Showcasing the best comedic brilliance and introducing audiences to family names, the shows broadcast during this time were often family friendly and took the opportunity to teach valuable life lessons to viewers of all ages. Full house Standing as a time-honored classic of the era, it captures a chaotic but warm portrait of modern life in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Inviting viewers to an increasingly crowded home, the story follows the chronicles of three girls raised by their father, friend, and sister-in-law after their mother’s death.

Full house Touched the hearts of multiple generations, to the point that Fuller House, a sequel series, that aired in 2016 to continue where the original show left off. The audience still loves to remember the most memorable examples of the extended Tanner family, and they fondly remember their adventures on re-television and streaming services. This is especially true after the recent death of Bob Saget, or Danny Tanner, in early 2022. These are the best episodes of Full House, ranked.

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7 Greek week

Greek Week (season 4, episode 1) welcomes Jesse’s Greek grandparents to San Francisco, bringing with them plenty of family fun and dysfunction. The group does double duty when Michelle meets her cousin Melina, a carbon copy of her along with her brown hair. Traditional wedding ceremonies are brought in, raising questions about Jesse’s ex-slander, who he also visits. Cousin Silvio and DJ repeat the move, plunging the kids into the same mess, which leads to Danny’s refusal. This episode brings a remote family together and introduces more lighthearted people Full house The fare that the audience expects from the series.

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6 Silence is not golden

The film “Silence Is Not Golden” (season 6, episode 17) highlights the serious topic of child abuse, drawing Stephanie into the complexities of classmate Charles’ life. Charles comes to visit Tanner to work on a study project with Stephanie, where he reveals to her that he is being abused at home by his father, and that his mother has also passed away. But when he doesn’t show up at school, Stephanie grows anxious until Jesse asks him about it, which prompts him to call to report it. Although the use of her voice led to a huge but positive change in Charles’ life, this episode showed Stephanie and audiences the importance of speaking out about abuse, whatever its form.

5 the last dance

“The Last Dance” (season seven, episode 17) sees Tanner face death in the family, making a tragic part of life normal for audiences of all age groups. Papouli, Jesse’s grandfather, visits the family from his native Greece and enjoys making memories with them. One morning during his stay, he did not wake up, revealing to the group that he had heart failure and had died in his sleep. This pushes everyone into the weight of understandable grief as they each try to deal with it in their own way. As they recover together, the episode eventually showcases the strength of the family during a very difficult life event.

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4 The wedding (part two)

“The Wedding (Part 2)” (Season 4, Episode 19) sees Uncle Jesse finally settle down with Aunt Becky. Jesse hangs his hat as a “tireless ladies’ man” in the words of the New York Times, and sits behind bars for a bit after a skydiving party accidentally brings him down in “Tomato Country.” Fortunately, Becky broke him up just in time for the two to get involved. Even after her father’s car is towed, leaving them stranded, it happens that Coral’s bus happily gives them a ride to church after getting to know Becky. The singers even appear at the party after exchanging vows. Despite all of the day’s previous disasters, this episode ends the two-part story on a happy note and usheres in a promising future for the newlyweds.

3 Baby, you broke the house

As one of the most episodes Full house, “Honey, I’ve Broken House” (Season 3, Episode 20) begins with a bored Stephanie snooping around the garage for some trouble to get in. Joey leaves the house to get some paint for Rosie’s rocket red, his beloved classic, which leaves Stephanie to investigate the car’s interior while he’s gone. One thing leads to another, and her curiosity ends in the car that rushes through the wall into the kitchen. While she is understandably terrified, the events of the episode help her realize that her family’s love for her supersedes whatever mishap she could have found herself in.

2 Happy Birthday Kids (Part Two)

Michelle’s fifth birthday passes, as well as another important event within the group. “Happy Birthday, Kids (Part 2)” (Season 5, Episode 10) presented viewers with twins Jesse and Beck, Nicholas “Nicky” and Alexander. At Michelle’s party, Becky went into labor, and at the hospital, Jesse began experiencing similar pains developing into appendicitis, causing him to fall while she was preparing to give birth. But in time, the two come together under agonizing medical conditions to celebrate the growth of their family.

1 Michelle Goes On Again (Part Two)

Like the last episode of the original Full house The series “Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)” (Season 8, Episode 24) is wrapping up the show on a strong note. The two-part episode concludes with the fallout from Michele’s horse-riding accident, resulting in a bout of amnesia that leads to a bittersweet ending to the cherished story. This causes Michelle to ask her family and friends questions about her mother’s death, which culminates with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appearing on screen at the same time as Michelle and her recollections. An article from MTV reflecting the inclusion of the episode “Signature absurdity still surrounds the Tanner family, but under somewhat difficult circumstances.”

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