Coded QR Code Tease On White Rabbit Speculation For Crude Fuel [Video]

A QR code seen in the background on Raw has led to further speculation about who will be revealed as the mysterious White Rabbit, and when the revelation will happen!

On the final episode of Monday Night Raw, Austin theory confronts Kevin Owens in a Labor Day rematch. While Kevin Owens triumphed again after being distracted by Johnny Gargano, fans online were talking more about what was seen in the background behind Theory in preparation for the match.

When Austin’s theory was shown backstage before the match, a QR code could be seen on the wall behind him, with the words “Come with me” written on it. Fans awaiting Bray Wyatt’s potential return can use this to fuel speculation that Eater of Worlds may indeed be on his way back to the company, a possibility that was also raised during the final episode of SmackDown.

However, some believe that WWE playing the song White Rabbit during their commercial break on SmackDown is a nod to Karrion Kross, who was known as the White Rabbit during his time in Lucha Underground and also fits the song’s dark aesthetic. Posting on social media in response to fans who made the call, Kroos has been accused of “killing” rumors of Wyatt’s return.

The QR code led to an encoded video that continued the White Rabbit theme, showing a rabbit with the words “Feed Your Head,” a line from Jefferson’s Airplane song. When playing the video, the rabbit can be seen playing the hangman game that asks for the answer to the question “Who killed the world?” The answer is revealed to be “You did,” and the ambiguous nature of the phrase can be attributed to Cross or Wyatt. However, the hourglass in the lower corner indicates a crossover.

at the end of video, Bunny moved back and forth around the numbers “9.23”, indicating that something will be revealed next Friday in SmackDown, as it airs on September 23rd. Then he ended with “Come with me.”

Elsewhere on Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley defeated Seth Rollins to retain the United States Championship, and Dominic Mysterio cut a promo about joining his “new family” at Judgment Day. The full results of the episode can be found here.

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