Top 10 Sports Bags 2022


Let me set the scene: It’s 8:30 in the morning, and I’ve just woken up. Instead of hitting the usual snooze button, I turned off the alarm – oops! I’ve made a commitment to going to the gym three times a week, and I’ve already skipped twice. you feel forced Togo. You put on your running kit, pick up the easily discarded bag by the door, and drag yourself to the gym. Once there, you’ll move into the locker room and change into a pair of comfy sneakers. However, after you unzip your bag, you realize that a thermos of water you barely remembered to pack has spilled all over your gym essentials. Your shoes, post-workout yoga pants, and equipment are wet. This is not the morning I imagined. At this point, I just decided to go home. Workout is over.

Our top picks

Perhaps this or different repetition of a terrible morning at the gym has happened to you. Whatever the case, we’re here to help reduce headaches. Give your workout essentials a home in a gym bag tailored to your specific needs. Do you attend a hot yoga class? Invest in a bag that matches your rug. Going for a run? Buy something small that fits the basics. You’ll want a bag even if you enjoy something more casual like a pickle ball game. After all, choosing an exercise regimen that’s fun for you is part of how Ree Drummond loses weight and improves his health. Whatever you do for fitness, find a bag with compartments that works for you and avoid a terrible morning before a workout.

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overall better

Vera Bradley Small Sports Bag


Best for runners

Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack


Best for yogi

Daily Yoga Mat Yoga Bag


The best for basketball players

Nike Elite Pro Basketball Backpack


Best for weightlifters

Gymshark Lifting Club Gym Bag


Best for boxers

Elite Warrior Senior Boxing MMA BJJ Gear Gym Duffel Bag


Best for swimmers

TYR Alliance 45L Backpack


Best for dancers

Calpak Stephen Deville


The best for tennis players

Pink Dot Styles Billy Wow Neoprene Tennis Bag


Best for hikers

Osprey Tempest 9

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