Changing the Genshin effect setting makes hunting less annoying

Changing the Genshin Impact setting allows hunting to be a less disruptive experience as players use the new hunting grounds in Sumero.

fishing in Jinshin effect It may be a disturbing experience for some due to Paimon’s interference, but changing the settings allows players to rest while searching for a valuable fish. Jinshin effect Version 3.0 introduced a number of new fishing grounds in Sumero, inviting many to fish in the area for the first time.

Reddit user u/Massivecliff recommends turning off dialog size in Jinshin effect Sound settings while hunting. Paimon talks to the Traveler because the character is hunting, but her dialogue quickly becomes redundant. For example, Paimon will meddle about feeling hungry while the player rushes on a valuable catch. Changing the settings will make the hunting experience more enjoyable, and the sound settings may revert to default at the player’s discretion.

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Paimon has 17 unique sound lines dedicated to fishing, and their voice lines are activated in certain circumstances such as catching a fish or seeing a fish escaping. Although the traveler spoke several times in the main story Jinshin effect, the protagonist does not speak while hunting. Instead, the traveler grunts while reeling at the fish while Paemon speaks normally. It might also refer to their initial meeting in Mondstadt where the traveler caught Paimon thinking it was some kind of fish. Several comments in u/Massivecliff’s Reddit post provide examples of Paimon’s dialogue within Jinshin effect Small fishing game.

Fishing has been introduced along with the Serenitea Pot system since several updates, and the feature has been expanded with the introduction of the Sumeru area in Jinshin effect Version 3.0. Many new fishing spots are scattered around Sumero with a variety of fish native to the area. In addition, the latest update has added a new fishing rod and a new type of fishing lure Jinshin effect. HoYoverse is likely to add more new species of fish and equipment after introducing more areas Jinshin effect.

Paimon’s dialogue while hunting is a nuisance, but HoYoverse can easily remedy the situation in future updates of Jinshin effect. The developer can reduce the volume of dialogue that is said while hunting and introduce new audio lines that make the experience more enjoyable. The new toggle feature can also disable hunting dialog, so players won’t need to disable all dialog volume throughout the game while hunting.

coming Genshin Impact Updates Like version 3.1 it will expand the Sumeru Desert region with new content. HoYoverse could make improvements to quality of life with these updates, but it remains to be seen if the updates address hunting in any way.

Jinshin effect Now available for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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