Cowboy Dave travels hundreds of miles to calm the people in the city he used to live in

After hearing of Ovaldi’s loss, Cowboy Dave decides to encourage those who are hurt the most.

UVALDE, Texas – People from all over the country have been coming to Uvalde for the past week.

That includes volunteers, mourners, pastors, and more, but on Tuesday, we found a “listener” named Cowboy Dave.

And after he heard about the loss in Ovaldi, he decided to encourage those who are hurt the most.

From day to dawn, you’ll find sun, heat, and now, Cowboy Dave at the corner of Grove and Main Street as he cheers for city workers with applause and shows his respect for families by taking off his hat.

He is a man of many words, and he fell silent as he remembered the day 19 children and two teachers were murdered.

“A week before that I was in Buffalo and I thought it wasn’t kids. A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t think there were adults in the grocery stores. The emotion was I couldn’t do anything and it wasn’t my community and they would resent someone’s offering,” said David Graham, better known as Cowboy Dave. “Trying to be a clown.”

But he fought through thoughts of not being accepted into Ovaldi and traveled hundreds of miles from Belleville, Ohio to hear.

“I’m just listening. I’m not a licensed counsellor. I’m not Franklin Graham’s liaison man. I’m not a chaplain. I’m not a counselor. I’m just a man with two ears that work.” Graham said as he started to cry:

Also here to listen is John Hardy of Corpus Christi.

He is a former minister who lived in Ovaldi for four years.

“I was about to go to an online Zoom staff meeting and my wife Melanie called her and she was sad about what had happened. She was crying. So I was late to the meeting. And when it was time to talk, Hardy told them.

At that time, he knew he needed to be here.

“I planted the seeds so we could make a concrete show,” Hardy said. “And so when I told the church I was coming here Sunday morning, they were so happy.”

He meets people to cry and pray.

With the same show, Cowboy Dave plans to carry out his hopeful message.

“Don’t worry, people. Looking behind you, don’t worry. If you are willing to do something. These people are strong. And those who can do something are. America would be very proud. And their hearts weren’t broken. They were hurt,” said Graham. bruised only. And they’ll get stronger.”

(Roxanne Elias – @RoxanneElias3)

“Since yesterday Cowboy Dave has been standing here cheering the city workers on and applauding and showing his respect for families by taking off his hat.

And he plans to stay here for a while… in case I need to stop and vent.”

Cowboy Dave says he spent the first part of his life pursuing the wrong things in life and now he intends to do the right thing.

Therefore, he plans to post to the corner every day until about mid-June.

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