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September 20 2022

Exploring the Arctic with Aurora Expeditions will be a life-changing experience, with an A-list of expert guides and two new purpose-built small expedition cruise ships. The only dilemma: Which of the five Arctic regions will you explore?

North Pole. Even just saying the words conjures up images of wonderful and varied landscapes, a kaleidoscope of shapes from the pure color scheme of nature. This part of the world is located as far away from the noisy crowds as possible.

Aurora Expeditions can unlock the North Pole on an amazing journey of discovery and adventure, with 30 years of experience ensuring a warming expedition that will live long in your memory.

The Arctic has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to amazing landscapes, wildlife and experiences and Aurora Expeditions can take you there. Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard, Jan Mayen and the Northwest Passage are all truly wonderful, with almost unfathomable sights and sounds. Even your camera may not be able to capture everything your eyes can see but that’s a good thing, because you need time to live in the moment, rather than staring at your phone or viewfinder.

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The Famous Five

Known as the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, Iceland has hot springs and ponds overlooking stark landscapes, volcanoes soar as if to gods above, and glaciers adding a timeless presence in the cool sea. Aurora Expeditions has five Iceland Expeditions showcasing the natural wonders of this rugged country, with the 11-day Icelandic sailing allowing for a deeper level of discovery. Highlights include the stunning Goðafoss Waterfall and glaciers in Vatnajökull National Park, the Hornstrandir Peninsula, one of the most remote and pristine areas in Iceland, and Skjálfandi Bay around Húsavik, where 24 species of whales have been spotted.

Jan Mayen, ruled by Norway, is a small volcanic island located between Norway and Greenland. Once off limits to visitors, one star attraction is the world’s northernmost active volcano, Berenberg, which was visited as part of the 22-day New Northern Lights Exploration and Iceland, Jan Mayen and Svalbard 15-day itinerary. A highlight of Jan Mayen is Kvalrossbukta, where guests will visit the local weather station, where the island’s only residents live – all 18. Countless seals outnumber humans, with whales and harp seals circling the sea ice and glaciers.

Image credit: Tyson Meyer

As for wildlife, Svalbard is almost out of this world, with Aurora voyage guides in its element pointing to melee between birds, walruses, beluga whales, reindeer, arctic fox and possible polar bears. Not to mention the fjords, mountains, tundra rich in wildflowers and the polar desert. Svalbard is best explored over multiple days, with the 12-day Svalbard Odyssey from Aurora Expeditions and 15-day Svalbard Deep Trails showcasing everything unique about the high Arctic archipelago.

Greenland is an amazing destination with endless opportunities for adventure.

In Western Greenland, watch whales sail through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed icebergs of the Ilulissat Glacier Fjord, while in Nuuk, wander through the brightly colored houses of the city and then visit the National Museum of Greenland. Hike the trails on Qeqertarsuaq or go bird-watching in Disko Bay. In East Greenland, the landscape dominates, with guests kayaking at Scoresbysund, the world’s largest, longest and deepest gorge, or doing it the easy zodiac way.

Other highlights of East Greenland include meeting the local Inuit people at Ittoqqortoormiit.

Last but not least is the Northwest Passage, where life is not ordinary. Let Aurora Expeditions introduce you to the wildlife of this arctic region and connect with the local people whose ancestors hunted and hunted thousands of years ago. Wildlife is next level, with elusive daffodils, polar bears, musk oxen, beluga whales and “Big 5” arctic walruses on this icy safari. Aurora Expeditions’ Northwest Passage, or the complete 30-day Northwest Passage, includes hiking Devon Island, the world’s largest uninhabited island, a visit to Beechey Island, and admiring the wonderful scenery of the fjord. In the fall, add the possibility of having fun under the lights of the Northern Lights to an already exciting adventure.


At Aurora Expeditions, two expedition ships, namely Greg Mortimer (below) and Sylvia Earl – which will be its inaugural flight later this year – has been specifically designed and built with the environment in mind, ensuring non-intrusive, low-impact flights. Greg Mortimer It was the first ever passenger ship to feature the revolutionary Ulstein X-BOW. Large observation decks and hydraulic viewing platforms bring explorers closer to the natural environment, and these small ice-powered ships can land in more locations than larger ships.

The two ships accommodate an average of 132 explorers per flight, ensuring a more intimate and comfortable experience as well as smoother journeys and ascents. This makes a difference as Aurora Expeditions focuses on getting guests off the ship into the landscape, with multiple landings each day for a range of shoreline activities and excursions. Kayak, hike, rock climb, ski, snorkel or dive with Aurora’s expert guides, who can safely help you push your limits and increase your experience.

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Being immersed in a rugged, wild landscape is inspiring and encourages learning and discovery. Aurora Expeditions is on board with this, with education and enrichment woven every day, with programs featuring experts and special guests in the fields of exploration, conservation, science, photography, art, culture, and more. There is also the opportunity to participate in Citizen Science programs, where every small step helps protect environments like the Arctic.

Start planning your Arctic experience with Aurora Expeditions. It is the destination of a lifetime.

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