They meet wild boars face-to-face at a camp site in San Rafael

It’s a funny holiday memory that a Nantes couple brought back from the Var: pictures of several wild boars eating the contents of a trash can Near the caravan At a camp site in San Rafael! At breakfast time, the wild boars settled in the middle of the camp site without worrying about vacationers watching them: “We were leaving the toilets when we saw them” Say Julie and Cyril. “They were quiet. We had time to photograph them and take pictures of them. We usually spend our holidays in camps, this is the first time we have seen such a scene!”

“You don’t need to be a secret agent to understand what the pigs were doing there: they must be hungry and thirsty in the heat.” Cyril continues. Because in fact, if the phenomenon was not new to Var, many wild boars were Observed in the outskirts of cities and cultures Those past weeks. For Laurent Vaudon, President of the Var Fishing Federation, “In addition to having to leave the north of the province because of the wolves, the wild boars have to deal with this year’s drought. So they are getting closer to cities and crops to be able to feed themselves.”

to try Breeding wild boars in forest areasthe fishermen are throwing containers of food and water there,”But with droughts and so many water restrictions, we can’t fill them all. So the wild boars are getting closer and closer to the houses for you to go and drink! “

Million euros in damages this year?

Wild boar hunting is allowed For several weeks in the district (administrative battles since June 1 and hunting since August 15). “We have already done a large number of samples, but it will be difficult to organize the population. We will not immediately get to zero wild boars in our department” warns the head of the fishing federation. Laurent Fodon is also concerned about how much damage will be compensated for farmers and wine growers: “Last year we spent 600,000 euros but this year we could reach 1 million euros in damage! Soon we won’t be able to pay for this damage because we won’t have any more money! “

Many town halls in Var also remember on social networks How to reduce disturbance Because of the wild boar:

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The pigs stayed for long minutes at the camp site without worrying about the vacationers who had watched them
Cyril Croson

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