Local innovation dedicates search page to showcase businesses and destinations in South Africa • Glam Adelaide

SA software product studio, Close One, has launched a free-to-download browser extension that turns your browser into an aesthetically pleasing productivity tool, showcasing everything South Australia.

The extension, known as “Dayscape”, acts as a “look” for the browser, replacing the Google or Safari “new tab” page with images of South Australia’s local tourist destinations, businesses, and landscapes, captured (often) by local photographers.

Close One and its first product, Dayscape, are the brainchild of local software developer, Greg Dennehy. Having spent 20 years in research-based roles, Dennehy was inspired to pursue independent software projects after a desire to solve problems he was interested in.

“Dayscape was a scratch that I needed to itch,” says Dennehy. “It was a weekend project that turned into something more, and I quickly realized that it could be of use to others.”

The browser extension adds a brighter local layer to your Internet experience, while still harnessing the functionality of Safari or Google. As South Aussies begins downloading the product, Dayscape will evolve into a comprehensive productivity tool.

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