Here’s what Mac Jones, Hunter Henry had to say about not having a tight finish


“He’s coming man, I’m not worried about him.”

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones calls signals against the Pittsburgh Steelers. AP Photo / Don Wright

Offensive Mac Jones and the Patriots did enough to beat the Steelers’ solid defense 17-14 on Sunday.

However, one stark stat stood out in the box’s score: Both tight ends, Juno Smith and Hunter Henry, went without a catch. Smith was targeted only three times, while Henry was targeted once.

Neither Smith nor Henry were heavily targeted in the first week—Smith had three passes for 33 yards, and Henry pulled two for 20 yards. However, both Henry and Jones said in their Monday radio appearances on WEEI that they weren’t worried about the lack of looks.

“It’s coming, man,” said Henry, “I’m not worried about it.” “We are all working things out offensively, and we were able to put a lot of good motivation together yesterday.

“Everything plays by itself. I am just here to do my part and be part of the team, no matter what they ask me to do.”

Jones said he reminded both Smith and Henry that this is a long year.

“This week has been a little different, the way we handled it,” Jones admitted. “But no, they’re not complaining or anything. They’re happy, they do what they’re supposed to do in every game, and when their plays come, they come.

“And they are great players. Juno and Hunter have done a great job. They know their plays are coming.”

In the first week, wide receiver Kendrick Bourne only picked up one pass on one goal – a 41-yard reception that raised eyebrows given so little playing time. Jones noted the diversity in running calls on Sunday.

“Some games might be a two-end game, and sometimes we don’t want to do that, it just depends on the game,” Jones said. “They know how to make plays. All they have to do is have a chance, and when they do, I’ll be sure to hit them. We have a lot of plays for them, it’s just kind of like – everybody can get the ball at any time, and we definitely want to find ways To get the ball too.”

The Steelers’ defense forced four interceptions and sacked Joe Burrow seven times in a Week 1 win over the Bengals. However, the Patriots have kept them away from Jones – he has only been injured three times and said on Sunday and Monday that he felt like he was barely affected.

“Sometimes it can feel like we didn’t do anything, but sometimes we run to places, we open up guys, we do different things like that,” Henry said. “It’s a full team match on attack. We need everyone in the right places, especially on all the different ways, and they’re all interconnected. They’re all working together.

“So we had a lot of players who gave us some huge plays yesterday that went up massively for us.”

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