Hurricane Kai, Albacore on Basil

Angler Jessica Sharp with Albacore is in the 20-pound range. Once a rumor, this is a rare sight on a boat in San Diego these days.

Anchor Totals 9/4 – 9/17: 8,736 fishermen on 328 half-day to 3-day trips out of San Diego over the past two weeks caught 69 barracudas, 3,663 bluefin tuna (up to 242 lbs), 1 blue marlin (launched), 3 boccaccio, 362 bonito, 2170 calico bass, 16485 dorado, 20 gray smooth shark, 5 halibut, 4 lingkud, 1151 rockfish, 1 mako shark, 4 octopus, 291 sand bass, 4 chipmunk, 241 scalloped, 200 shefid, 4 skipjack tuna, 1 fish Trigger, 137 whitefish, 26 white bass (released), 2857 yellowfin tuna, and 551 yellowtail.

salty water: Hurricane Cay rolled north along Baja Sur as a Category 1 storm, making landfall in Bahia Asuncion, retreating to a tropical storm and then declining from there. Its effects were varied and remote, including high winds and rain in the mountains and deserts of San Diego County. Aside from the damage to roads and structures on both sides of the peninsula north and in the US (including the new seawall in Bahia Asunción), the cays seem to have affected fishing as well.

Yellowtail seemed to fall into charges dramatically, while the dorado’s sting continued in force. Bluefin fish were caught in large numbers just before the storm and have declined quite a bit since then. There is a lot of debris floating in the sea currents, which should provide more cedar stopping points and continued success for Dorado in the near future, although how long bluefin tuna will continue to bite is anyone’s guess, because they are always in place What.

Most of the boats over overnight have canceled their planned trips and stayed at the dock waiting for the storm to pass. But not the daring, scheduled eight-day flight. Instead, they chose to fish the northern coast of California in search of one of the species that used to be the meat of the catch in San Diego, and arguably the only species, if there is one species, responsible for building the world’s largest live bait sport fishing fleet here at the finest Cities of America: Albacore.

Albacore tuna have shifted their northward migration pattern over the past two decades, particularly as the warming trend has increased annually since 2013-2014, and their nearshore activity is now concentrated near the Oregon/Washington border. Whether that’s because they feed very deeply when near San Diego or because their migration pattern completely avoids our warm waters is up for debate, but either way, in every season for the past decade, someone has expected a hot albacore bite within 50 Miles from Point Loma and it didn’t happen.

Running on Intel, Intrepid found that Albacore was willing to bite south even off Fort Bragg, albeit not in the hoped-for numbers. When the Kai ruins settled, the valiant returned south after getting some good central coast color along with albacore and bigeye tuna. They finished their trip of catching bluefin and dorado, and they came up with a great mix, even on an eight-day trip. Many praised the decision to run north rather than put off the trip, and the intuition turned out to be great.

As Captain Bill Kavanaugh said, “Our weather window was perfect, and managed to gather enough information for us to get to Fort Bragg and try our luck. We finished the day with 36 alpacores which were mostly 18 to 25 lbs. We made the move with the possibility of a day Big on Albacore which unfortunately didn’t happen. However, we had an experience none of us would ever forget, and everyone was amazed that we tried it. So, with a hurricane on our way, we headed north about the same distance as it would head south and we fished a ridge.”

Other impacts in the North Cay run fisheries included a rare sighting of a whale shark in US waters, an even rarer sighting of a great shark, and a possible world record caught by a fisherman ashore in the harbor during a storm. Justin Kayasone’s San Diegan suspended and landed a 14.44-pound, 52-inch-long eel, which, when officially credited to him, would improve the old record of 10.8 pounds by about 4 pounds. The eel was weighed on an approved IGFA scale, so it’s just a matter of the paperwork being done.

Moray eels are listed as “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List and are found throughout the world’s oceans. As ambush predators, they spend most of their time in rocks or coral reefs and caves. They can be very aggressive when handled and boast a double row of sharp, slanting back teeth that make escape difficult for prey. It is often caught commercially around the world and used in many dishes. Many little things are made about them, pronounced “murray,” like, “If you get into a hole, and something bites but you won’t let go, that’s moray.”

fresh waterThere is a fishing derby for young people aged 3 to 15 at Lake Cuyamaca this Saturday, September 24. The 22nd annual “Fishin’ in the Pines” Trout Championship for kids is free, with many giveaways and sweepstakes for contestants and families. And no, it’s not a dance. The OP stands for Orville P Ball, which introduced the Florida largemouth bass breed to the West Coast. His contribution to bass fishing in San Diego County yielded remarkable results; 11 Of The World’s Top 25 Largemouth Bass Came From The Lakes Of San Diego County! Other prizes include some equipment from Randy Jones and a raffle on a boat. The first 400 kids who enter will get a rod and reel for free. Register in person on the day of the event starting at 5:30 a.m. Saturday and good luck to everyone!

They’re there, so go get them!

Notable catch:

9/4 – The new loo They were called from their 3-day trip with a total of 78 bluefin tuna (border), 22 yellowfin tuna, and 2 barracudas for 13 anglers.

9/6 – 23 fishermen on board constitution The US border was captured from Dorado, along with 21 bluefin tuna and 11 yellowfin tuna.

9/8 – 22 fishermen on board blue horizon The full day trip caught all the gold, as the 88 Dorado reached the deck.

9/11 – The day after Kai’s remains passed, it was San Diego She reported 103 yellowfin tuna caught by 35 fishermen on board their run for the whole day.

9/13 – The luckOn a 1.5-day trip with 15 fishermen on board, 80 dorados, 12 bluefin fish and 2 yellowfin tuna were called in to hold.

9/17 – 16 fishermen on board legend 2.5 day trip 179 dorado, 21 bluefin tuna and 11 yellowfin tuna were caught in US waters, while Daiwa Pacific He went south and acquired a Mexican frontier of 80 yellowfin tuna and 32 dorados for 16 anglers in a 1.5 day walk.

fish plants10/1 – Santee Lakes, catfish (2500)

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