Leaked Tensor G2 details checked: Same CPU, everything else gets better

unknown 4 hours agoYou should be asking Qualcomm this question, not Google. Qualcomm is one of the most … moreSo why not go to Mediatek?

Everything but Exynos man, real


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Asphalt Nation, 12 hours agoWhy didn’t they use some Qualcomm chips as a base then?You should be asking Qualcomm this question, not Google. Qualcomm is one of the most monopolistic, controlling and bad companies out there. They are constantly suing everyone for their patents. There is no way for them to let Google get their way with Qualcomm’s designs.


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autocascading, 7 hours ago6 and 6 Pro will be much better than phones that use x60 or x65 modem even with Samscr…moreGoogle has good reason to hate Qualcomm. They are very much in control and drag their feet on driver updates. Qualcomm is the only reason why Android phones have had horrific support for security updates over the past decade.

However, Qualcomm makes good modems and Samsung doesn’t. The Tensor 1 chip was a disaster for signal reception, making it one of the worst phones ever in this regard. One can only hope that the updated modem in Tensor 2 improves things, but since it is a slightly updated version of Samsung’s modem in Tensor 1, I’m not holding my breath.


The 6 and 6 Pro versions were much better than phones using an x60 or x65 modem even with Samscrap SOCs.

Samsung will return to TSMC and keep its update policy, so Google should have been able to create a longer update scheme because they designed the chip.

Google must really hate quality control.


Kangal, 10 hours agoNot right. 2022 The new ARMv9 Cortex-A515 is the latest micro-core. Compared to 2013 ARMv8… MoreAh, I see it is as accurate as the usual kangal

Hmmm, 18 hours agoWe need a great deal of power to scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a number of…MorePerhaps if RockStar released GTA VI for iOS, Android devices could suddenly become more efficient and faster. I’m not sure if anyone here has seen the recent leaks; )


Anonymous, 20 hours agoYes, but still, if TSMC manufactures “exynos”, it will always be better…MoreWell, they can’t use the Exynos design without Samsung’s permission..and that’s not going to happen. Moreover, they can’t access it, because they didn’t make Exynos chips if I’m not mistaken.

IpsDisplay, 18 hours agoI mean the A55 is still the best energy efficient core out there. Don’t be a fool and… moreNot right.
2022 The new ARMv9 Cortex-A515 is the latest micro-core. Compared to 2013 ARMv8 Cortex-A53, it’s basically the same. You don’t get much better performance among them, all the improvements came from Node Shrink (28nm, 16nm, 12nm, 8nm, 6nm, 4nm) and software.

Compare that to Apple’s smaller cores. They started with the iPhone 7, and have become more advanced with each generation. The latest iPhone 14 Max has smaller cores that use less power than Cortex A53 / A55 / A510 / A515 but produce more performance than Cortex A57 / A73 / A72 / A75. This is impressive, the catch is that they are larger/use more transistors so they cost more to produce. It is still worth it. This is the reason why iPhones have good efficiency and run smoothly. They only run large cores in bursts and only when necessary. It’s currently the world leader in design because of those cores, but its larger cores are also impressive compared to Cortex X3/A715/Mongoose and even x86 competitors like Intel 13th-gen and Zen4.


Asphalt Nation, 12 hours agoWhy didn’t they use some Qualcomm chips as a base then?Do you see Qualcomm as open to giving Google their designs as Samsung? Just take a look at the Google and Samsung partnership over the years.


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They can put a hamster on a wheel, I don’t care.
Basically my problem is that the first iteration wasn’t great or top of the line, with issues so far getting people to pay the highest price for it, I doubt things this time will be different.

ThunderCrackR, 21 hours agoYou miss a key point: TSMC only builds chipsets based on the specifications they receive,…MoreWhy didn’t they use some Qualcomm chips as a base then?


Anonymous, 17 hours agoAtleast a78Yes..agree..
The A77 has no real improvement over the A76.
Choosing the A78 would have been better.
I still think it will be the A78.. Don’t trust rumors all the time even though this rumor has strong evidence to back it up.


Seems like a good balance overall.


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Atleast a78


I mean the A55 is still the best power efficient core available

Don’t be a fool and fall into the new trap = the best

A710 also stain

X cores aren’t good either

So only the A78 and A55 are worth it which explains why the 8100 is the god of CPUs

See geekerwan doing a super analysis here:

God bless geekerwan


Vikass17, 18 hours agoWhat are they trying to achieve?Lower costs to get more benefit in profits! Google makes a lot of mistakes!! I like pure android, I prefer it over any customization layer, but things should be considered better, it removes pixel 7 with snapdragon 8gen plus 1 and throws the ball out of the field


We need a lot of power to scroll through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
And how many games that require that strength, yes like three or four


[deleted post]I was accused of being an Apple agent 5 minutes ago. I guess I suppose I’m flattered for being a fan/agent of all the brands? Which makes me more neutral than you all


Old micro-cores a55 is hopelessly outdated


Not convinced the last time I checked the batteries are still only 5wh

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