Fendi: Under an electronic bracelet, he rented a mobile home and resold it on Le Boncoin to fund his escape

Investigators found the stolen mobile home in October 2021 and it was returned to its owner at the end of January 2022. © AdobeStock illustration

The man who judged this Monday 19 September 2022 to speak Criminal Court of La Roche-sur-Yon He was already behind bars. He must remain there until December 2026. The hearing was held without him because he refused at the last minute to attend his video trial.

Victim testifies in court

The victim, on the other hand, was there. retired from Meryl Sur Lay Desses Which, on October 18, 2021, almost a year ago, His mobile home was robbed.

I rented it on Boncoin. He had to give it back to me three days later and I never saw him again.

The victim is in the bar

The property “damaged and in poor condition” was not recovered by the lessor until several months later, at the end of this investigation ” Dishonesty “.

The The victim claims 3000 euros in material damages.

Rent a mobile home and sell it on Le Boncoin

The accused, 33, single, without children, lives with his partner in Bordeauxat the time of events, when this gets him out.

Convicted several times of robbery, violence, fraud and escape, then he Under the electronic braceletBut feel free to cut it escape. There he found on Boncoin the classified ad for Caravan rental from Vendée. He left a €1,500 deposit check for the rental company, but instead of returning the property three days later, the man went to the south of France on the run.

10 months in prison

His lawyer pleads Emotional shock After the emotional breakup: “In October 2021, he was emotionally traumatized since his partner left him, and he no longer has a home. Panicked, he decided to flee to Spain. He went to see his mother who had just undergone surgery due to a serious illness. Since then, he has repented of his actions and declared himself before the prosecution.”

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He finances his run with money from the sale

But the defendant not only stole the mobile home, but put it up for sale on Boncoin. “The money from the sale allowed him to go back to his ex-girlfriend, get fake papers, buy a car from his ex-wife and live on the run,” recounts the attorney general, represented by Emmanuel Lebesier Who mentions “19 references” on his criminal record.

You don’t fit other people’s things that way. It’s time enough!


It requires one year in prison.

The president of the court judges him and judges him 10 months in prison.

If found guilty, the defendant will also have to pay 1200 euros to compensate the victim for physical damage.

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