A holiday expert reveals a super weird way to pack your suitcase to fit more

A travel expert has revealed a unique way in which they can put as much as possible in their suitcase.

Packing luggage is one of the most stressful parts of going on vacation, as passengers struggle to squeeze as much as possible into their bags.


Most people recommend packing the bags flat, but this may be the wrong way to do itcredit: Getty

However, a Blue Cruise spokesperson explained why they recommend packing their bags differently than most.

Rather than laying the bags flat on their backs, they recommend placing them upright to allow gravity to help create space.

The spokesperson said, “It’s common to see people packing a recumbent bag, but we suggest laying it upright and building your layers from heaviest to lightest.

“This allows gravity to reveal the real remaining space at the top of your bag, and it’s a more accurate display of how you’ll put your things when you pull your luggage.”

Blue Cruise also shared some other tips to help de-stress from packing.

Don’t stuff your shoes

A common packing “tip” is to stuff your shoes with underwear and socks.

Unless you’re talking about big shoes, it’s best for you to free up space in your main compartment by compressing the shoes as flat as possible to maximize space.

Plus, not knowing which shoe to wear clean knickers isn’t very fun.

Instead, put your socks, underwear, and other soft little things like scarves in the zip front of your bag where you can stuff it all the way but still zip when it comes to fitting your sizing requirements.

Transparent plastic bags for toiletries

It’s not just for airports, the transparent bags help avoid leakage as well as make it super easy to see where you’ve put things.

Just be sure to put it in the top of your bag so it’s easy to reach and you don’t run the risk of collapsing.

wrap your clothes

Some people aren’t a fan of “the roll,” but it’s an excellent way to save space and prevent clothes from wrinkling if you do it right.

Lay everything flat, from items that are likely to wrinkle, to pajamas, and wrinkle-resistant synthetics like polyester and nylon garments on the top.

You can then wrap these tightly and the base items will act as a buffer to prevent the outer layers from curling.

Put the soiled clothes in a compression bag

There is no need to prevent wrinkling of clothes that will go straight into the wash when you are at home.

By putting all of your soiled clothes in a travel compression bag, you can compress them down to their smallest size, making more room for spontaneous purchases and souvenirs from your trip.

These Tiktok packing methods can also help you find space in your bag.

Show a frequent traveler how to get more items in your bag.

They said that packing the bag in an upright position can hold it a lot


They said that packing the bag in an upright position can hold it a lotcredit: scientific

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