Local golf fashion brand Byrdie tells what to wear at the Presidents Cup

Byrdie’s “Something Blue” dress, created in collaboration with retailer Over the Moon for brides who love golf. Photo courtesy of Hayden Schofner / Erin Bowman Photography

With one-piece, classic pleated skirts and subtle floral patterns, Byrdie’s head-to-toe golf gear is designed to take customers from the court to the cocktail hour.

why does it matter: Byrdie is a homegrown brand that has started trends and is setting new standards for fashion in the golf world. She even attracted the attention of major fashion institutions such as Vogue and Elle.

  • With thousands of golf fans flocking to Charlotte for the Presidents Cup this week (September 20-25), you’ll likely spot onlookers in Byrdie outfits at the Quail Hollow Club.

Left: Hayden Schoufner, Right: Rachel Williams. Photo courtesy of Hayden Schofner/ Erin Bowman Photography

recovery: Charlotte’s Rachel Williams and Hayden Schaffner’s Purdy started during the pandemic. “We were playing golf every day because it was the only thing to do during COVID,” Schofner told Axios.

  • They grew up on golf courses but have spent more time on them in recent years, noticing a lack of jobs in golf apparel.
  • Schofner said Byrdie’s clothes are designed so that a woman can “play 18 holes… and pack a cat’s heel and throw it at dinner.”

Schofner and Williams said their grandmothers’ style inspired them when creating the brand. Photo courtesy of Hayden Schofner

Zoom: Byrdie is a company dedicated to raising Williams and Schofner, from the name (a reference to Williams’ grandfather, nicknamed “”Bird”) for the designs (inspired by the clothes their grandmothers wore in old photographs).

  • “We both had really elegant grandmothers,” Schofner said. “My grandmother always wore red lipstick and big gold hoops on the golf course.”

The box suit and Hayden’s short-sleeved dress. Photo courtesy of Hayden Schofner/ Erin Bowman Photography

what are you expecting: Modern style takes on vintage designs like puffed sleeves, floral patterns, Peter Pan collars, and fun hats. Williams and Schofner purposely steer clear of navy long pants and collared shirts that lean more on the sporty side of fashion.

  • Some of the best-selling items include the Hayden Dress and Caddy Suit. Their Fall line is inspired by the Presidents Cup and they hope to see spectators wear the Byrdie Club rope hat.
  • Prices range from $12 to $295 for socks, hats, polos, dresses, skirts, and other clothing and accessories.

Where to shop: You can find Byrdie on their website and other online retailers such as The Avenue, Over The Moon, and Modatrova.

  • Now you can find Byrdie clothing at the Charlotte Country Club pro shop. Come Spring 2023, you’ll find Byrdie in pro shops across the country.
  • They don’t plan to open a brick-and-mortar store anytime soon, but you can make an appointment to try on clothes at the Park Road Shopping Center office by emailing: [email protected]
  • This Thursday they are having a great show and cocktail hour in celebration of the Presidents Cup. To get the address, direct message them on Instagram or email [email protected]

Zoom out: If vintage styles and silhouettes just don’t work for you, other local stores have released President’s Cup gear.

  • 704 shop has shirts For sale that will also be available in the tournament.
  • Glory Days Apparel has released button-up polo shirts and golf shirts available on its website.

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