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It’s a wonderful time of the year and it will be here before you know it. There are many reasons why I love the fall season. Insects become less of a problem, temperatures begin to drop, allowing the nights to cool off and the fish to be active. The best thing of all is the start of the fall hunting season.

This time of year can be tough for someone outdoors like me, because I don’t know if I should pick up the gun or grab my nerve. That’s why I carry a variety of outdoor gear in my car during the fall, doing my best to make sure it all gets the same amount of attention.

With very hot weather this year, water will be key because birds and other wildlife will need to be near remaining water pits and streams.

The fall hunting seasons began on September 1st with the opening of all the other hunting seasons not too far away.

There should be a large number of doves in the upper Midwest unless the weather changes drastically. If that happens, our local birds may move south, but there is a good chance the migratory birds coming from the north will give hunters another chance to bird before the season is over.

When pigeon season started, we had extreme heat, which meant that the doves wouldn’t be too far from the water.

With so many hunting doves above water, a good retriever is a blessing, because without one, retrieving fallen birds is nearly impossible.

Once the temperatures drop, which will happen soon, our local birds may move south, but there is a good chance the migratory birds coming from the north will give hunters another chance to bird before the season is over.

Listed below are the season dates for Nebraska and many other upper Midwest states. Iowa: September 1 – November 1. 29; Minnesota: September 1 – November 1. 29; Nebraska: September 1 – November 1. 9; South Dakota: September 1 – October 1. 30

stabbing and prairie chicken

Reports indicate that the numbers of grouse and prairie chickens should be similar to last season.

Hunters who pursue these birds, due to the vast expanses of grassland in which these birds live, should plan to do plenty of hiking through the grasslands and hills.

Grouses and prairie hens are birds that are generally found in uncultivated corners of irrigated corn, as well as throughout grasslands.

As with a lot of other seasons in the Midwest, because of the dry weather, these birds will never be far from the water.

Season dates are: MN:. Northwest Sharptail grouse Sept 17 – Nov. 30; Prairie chicken September 9 – October. 2; Nebraska: September 1 – December 1. 31; South Dakota: September 17 – January. 1, 2023.

Minnesota: Grouse Ruffed and spruce September 17 through January. 1, 2023; South Dakota: Modest stabbing from September 17 to January. 1, 2023.

Antelope numbers in western Nebraska and west of the South Dakota River should be similar to those seen last year.

Dry weather drained many of the water holes the antelopes used, so look for the majority of antelopes that can be found in and around remaining water holes and stock tanks.

Antelopes have excellent vision and will go out if they spot anything that doesn’t look normal.

Successful hunters use decoys to cut the distance between them and the antelope, with one of the best being foldable, and it easily fits into my hunting jacket. When deployed, the lightweight decoys look like a small, lifelike buck that a hunter can hide behind.

All Buck sees the flock will be getting smaller coming towards his harem, trying to get close enough to steal some of what Buck does.

Buck flock, hair on his skin standing up as he moves toward the snare, trying to scare away the smaller buck, to drive him away. If that doesn’t work, it will keep getting close until the intruder has moved out of the area.

Sometimes smaller antelopes work in pairs, one of them moves into the harem, while the other waits until the herd of the herd disappears and several times pushes away from the harem.

Season dates are: Nebraska: August 20 – January 20. 31 2023; South Dakota: August 20 – October. 3

For most parts of the upper Midwest, we have excellent deer numbers due to last year’s mild winter, as hunting season appears to be excellent.

The extremely high summer temperatures we’ve seen this year have caused problems and due to this pandemic haemorrhagic disease, some hunters may find fewer deer in their hunting grounds.

An unusually high number of dead deer are found throughout the upper Midwest, but excellent deer numbers are expected with the hunting season after last year’s mild winter.

Season dates are: Iowa: Early split season October 1 – December. 2; Late split season from December 19 to January. 10, 2023; Minnesota: September 17 – December. 22; Nebraska: September 1 – January 1. 31, 2023; South Dakota: September 1 – January 15, 2023.

These are several earlier seasons in the upper Midwest, and there are also early seasons for waterfowl in most states in the upper Midwest.

The majority of highland birding seasons open later in the year, but early seasons will give you a chance to get outside, do some shooting and bring some meat to the table.

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