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Doug Lee

Last fall saw the first year of electronic publishing (Electronic Publishing) in North Dakota. For most people, it feels like the first time you shoot a gun or summon a goose, it gets easier with time. However, there is also the benefit of going back to the basics.

It’s hard to tackle every question and scenario, so I suggest taking some time to understand the regulations and read up on the Game and Fish department’s website,, or consult your local Game and Fish office.

I prefer to use my existing physical and/or tags. Can I still try the electronic publishing system?

yes. The ground can be suspended with physical and electronic signs.

Can I stop or cancel the publication of the published land electronically after the deadline?

yes. Lands may not be added but may be discontinued or marked as “unpublished” after the deadline. Print materials will not reflect these changes and digital content may not be reflected immediately.

What information is available when I publish electronically?

Current law requires the name of the individual who published the land. The electronic publishing system provides options to include email, phone number, and/or an alternate contact point

What tools are available to identify electronically published land?

There are many map applications available on the department’s website and digital PDF documents that can be saved to a device or printed for use in the field. Map applications can be accessed via a computer or smartphone. These apps offer features to select a hotspot, work offline or without cellular service and determine your location on maps. For more information on the tools available, visit the department’s website at

I don’t have a computer or a smartphone. How do I find lands published electronically?

The Game and Fish section offers printable maps showing public lands, plots, and lands published electronically. Paper maps are similar to the Department’s PLOTS Handbook publication

How do I find the person who published the land electronically to ask for permission?

There are two mapping apps available. 1) PLOTS directory viewer and 2) ArcGIS Explorer app. Both apps will display electronically published lands in dark orange. Clicking on the feature will display the person who posted the land and may include additional contact information such as an email, phone number, or alternative hotspot.

What are the options for limiting deployment to regions without cellular access?

An application is available to download a statewide PLOTS guide map and/or map epub. Both maps include electronic publishing labels. This mobile application does not require cellular service and can work offline. Once downloaded, this application presents a file

The ability to display your location and between the published territories electronically. Another option is to use digital PDF documents or printable maps.

Is there a cost to use the map applications displayed on the site?

No, these apps are free. The offline map producer Avenza offers three free simultaneous downloads of maps. For more information on using the Avenza app, visit the mobile maps section on the departments website.

For the 2022-23 hunting season, 8 million acres of land have been published electronically. A full FAQ section is available on the department’s website.

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