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September was a month full of video game ads, but one of the most popular to slip off the radar for many was news. electronic arts The Omega Force monster hunting game. The project was announced through a press release, along with one piece of artwork. It’s hard to know what to expect from the title, but this press release and the history of the team in question may give players some potential insights.

Omega Force is a subsidiary of Koei Tecmo, best known for dynasty of warriors String and its transverse elements, such as Hyrule Warriors set in the legend of zelda Universe. Electronic Arts will participate through EA Originals, which usually deals with smaller titles, such as take two And the a statement. However, EA has promised that it will be an AAA title. More details are due to be revealed later in September.

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Hunting monsters in the fantasy of feudal Japan

The upcoming hunter game is described by EA and Omega Force as a new fantasy IP game set in feudal Japan. It’s a place that sees some climax in gaming and could be a perfect fit for the genre. The game will not be the first experience of Omega Force in the format. It also developed affirmation A monster hunter series set in medieval Japan, inspired by religious Shinto folklore. Today though, the monster hunter genre is a niche market despite its huge and loyal fan base, mostly centered around the aptly named Capcom. monster hunter Franchise business. Considering the competition and history of Omega Force, the gameplay is likely to be similar affirmation And the monster hunter.

Besides the game’s description in the press release, the only other information about the game’s setup is the accompanying image. The concept art depicts a seemingly deserted temple, surrounded by a huge overgrown cherry blossom tree. Both are fairly standard archetypes of the environment of feudal Japan, but with a proper fantasy world feel that might give some clues about the game’s tone.

affirmation The scenery was even more amazing than what is offered in this new game, and its gameplay reflects that. Most of the monsters were hideous giants inspired by the oni of Japanese folklore. The different presentation of this game may mean that it focuses on some magical parts of its source legends rather than these scary demons. For example, the kitsune motif, which appeared in the popular media and had traction even in the West would be very suitable for Omega Force and EA, and reflects the fantasy atmosphere that appears in the concept art. After all, there is a plethora of creatures to draw from when it comes to a story set in fictional feudal Japan, with diverse looks and tales that all suit a monster hunter game.

Some have expressed concerns about EA’s involvement, fearing that it means the game includes predatory monetization elements such as the controversial microtransactions of FIFA Franchise or live service model for failed titles like National anthem. However, the distinction between the company’s participation through EA assets is important. EA Originals were mostly responsible for stand-alone story games that proved very popular with fans, and none of the infamous monetization models, EA have earned an unfortunate reputation for. In addition, Koei Tecmo Executive Vice President Yosuke Hayashi stated that EA’s involvement is to help with international publishing and access, but that Koei will maintain its creative independence. had brought electronic arts On board for this is an understandable move, given how to do it affirmation It underperformed in western markets when it was released.

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