Bowhunter Huge Buck White Tail Bags On Kentucky Opener

Matt Reed, 45, has been hunting whitetail in Hardin County, Kentucky, his whole life, but he has never killed anywhere near the size of the giant he indicated on September 3, 2022. At about 6 p.m. on opening night, Reed set down an arrow In a gazelle he has been watching since June, and when he finally finds him at about midnight, he has exceeded all his expectations. With an unofficial Boone and Crockett score that Reed says is 194 1/8″, the Early September Cup sports an 18-point with extra-wide bases and an 18 1/4-inch inside spread.

“I don’t catch this early in the season every year,” Reid said. F&S. “But if I’m hunting a good size deer, the early season is the best time in my mind to hunt them, because you can time your watch when they are where they will be.” Reed says he went up to his booth around 1 p.m. that day. Although he had been systematically exploring responsibility all summer and had high expectations of getting involved, the weather made him uncomfortable.

Matt Reed finds Boone and Crocket buck in the middle of the night with the help of a dog tracking a neighbor. what you want

“I completely eliminated the smell as best I could, but it got to nearly 90 degrees,” Reed said. “Odor control is fickle at best in those kinds of temperatures.” With the circumstances weighing on his mind, Reed watched several defeats and slots meander in and out of thick cover early on during the afternoon chase. Hours later, a nice 10-point buck appeared and gave him the perfect shot. “He was probably 135 to 140 inches, and he’s still wearing velvet,” Reed said. “He walked out 15 yards or so and turned around. But I was like don’t forget it. This is not what I came for. ”

As it turned out, the money he came for was not far behind. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a deer moving, and coming out this big thing,” Reed said. “He came out right below me. Then he took a stand on this ten point, and when he did, he turned around and slammed.” Red sent an arrow rolling into the vital elements of the big man. He said the deer exploded in a nearby forest and left it vibrating like a leaf in its wake.

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Once he collected himself enough to get off safely from his tree stand, Mother Nature threw Reed another curve ball. “It’s halfway through, and it’s definitely starting to flow,” he said. “I knew I was going to hit it clean, but here comes a flood, and I have to find this deer.” With each drop of rain, Red knew that pursuing his blood would get harder and harder, and the idea of ​​a once-in-a-lifetime money loss became an increasingly realistic possibility.

“I went down and found my arrow, and it was covered with bright red lung blood,” he said. “But I found no deer, no trace of blood, and I began to feel sinking into the pit of my stomach.” Fortunately, Reed knew about a neighbor who had a dog tracking service. He had to wait several hours for the dog and its owner to arrive, but once on the scene, the tester sniffed the big white tail in no time. “He only went 60 or 70 yards from where I shot him,” Reed said. “He was in such thick cover that if you weren’t 10 or 15 yards away from him, you’d never see him.”

The track dog made all the difference that night, Reid said. “If you can’t find a deer,” he said, “go out and get someone with a dog.” “Will we find him the next day? Possibly. But the meat would have spoiled. It would have been awful.”

Instead, Red selects his cup, celebrates it with his son, and soon will have the monster hang on the wall in his house. “Killing a deer like this has always been my ultimate goal,” he said. “I’m still walking around with a stupid smile on my face.”

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