Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Get Anjanath Mantle

To upgrade their craft weapons and armor, Monster Hunter: Rise players will need a lot of materials. This guide helps them get the source for the Anjanath Mantles.

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Veterans of monster hunter A series that is well aware of the amount of crafting and upgrading that goes into games. It’s a system that many players love, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Bring it back in full force with a variety of new monsters to fight, strike and harvest to craft items.

One example of many new materials is Anjanath Mantel. This item is used to craft the Anjanath Coil X in the Anjanath Armor X set, and is also used to upgrade countless weapons. Despite its many uses, the Anjanath Mantle has a very low chance of getting it from hunting Anjanath. This guide will help players increase their chances of getting a mantle.

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Anjanath fight

Like many other gowns in Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakAnjanath Mantle was found when dealing with a file Master-rank Anjanath. Fighting this monster won’t be so difficult Monster Hunter: Rise Gamers, but for those unfamiliar with the fluffy T. Rex, keep these tips in mind:

  • Anticipate a fire and wear a fire retardant shield accordingly.
  • If it catches fire, roll until the Fireblight state is gone.
  • Weapons that use water and ice elements are Anjanath’s weak point.
  • Weapons that use fire and dragon elements will not be very effective.
  • Prioritize hitting Anjanat and Wings when he takes them out.
  • Use this guide for more in-depth strategies on how to defeat this fearsome monster.

Where to find anjanath cloak

Although simply fighting and carving Anjanath is the most obvious way to obtain a mantle, the following are the most reliable sources:

  • After unlocking anomalies investigations in Masters 10, Anjanath Mantle can be Purchased from Bahari at Anomaly Research Lab For 150 realization coins.
  • Anjanath grab his file 3% Chance to get Anjanath Mantle in the “Complete the task” screen.
  • Cut off the tail of an anganath and sculpt it for him a 3% Chance to hand the cloak.
  • Anjanath killed him 2% Chance to hand the cloak at the “Mission Complete” screen.
  • Killing and sculpting Anjanath’s body for him 2% Chance to hand the cloak.
  • Anjanath’s head broke while fighting him a 2% Chance to drop the cloak.
  • Anjanath has a profile 1% Chance to drop the cloak over the course of a regular fight. Pick up anything that comes out of it.

What is the anjanath cloak used for?

making weapons

Forge armor

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Now available for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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