Trip Report: Doing It for Level Points – More Fun with Finnair

More fun to buy it with Finnair
Do this for level points

  • Once again, welcome to the Tier Point Enrichment Center
  • What can you do with about three hours and a little sleep? (Coach, Heathrow and Lounge)
  • Finnair AY11332 London Heathrow to Helsinki (Business Class / A350)
  • Trains, boats, trams – to Helsinki and a little beyond.
  • Crowne Plaza Helsinki Hotel
  • morning walk
  • Return to Helsinki Airport, Finnair Non-Schengen Lounge
  • Finnair AY1337 from Helsinki to London Heathrow
  • Heathrow wows, Justin moans, rugby looks beautiful
  • 320 level points Not for a lot of work but for a lot of new experiences

Editors’ Introduction

Well, it is very good to see you again soon. On this flight, I will continue to add credit to my frequent flyer balance with another flight to Helsinki.

Yes, this flight mirrors the previous one in terms of places visited, but it’s also an opportunity to dive into the passenger experience a little more, and look for the one thing I’m looking for in the air – consistency.

Compared to the last flight report, this one is a bit compressed – mainly because fewer points are repeated over and over – and it’s easier to make a little simpler.

While I use Grammarly a lot more than I should (dyslexia is a hog and it hits me most days of the week), regular critics who grumble about spelling and grammar can read this press release I wrote a few years ago about this inconsistency and how I deal with it.

Enough of the preamble. in the main event.

Once again, welcome to the Tier Point Enrichment Center

(Bonus points for whoever gets the reference).

With long-distance travel to Asia (my favorite way to earn big sets of class points for sitting in an airline seat) still a little trickier than I’d like (at the moment), I’ve been looking for more “local” ways to earn level points during the summer of 2022.

Finnair was offering some very reasonable rates which provided good earning potential (and I should have had a third fare for fun – that’s beside the point now).

Now, you’ve read your first flight report (if not, this is the perfect time to catch up). It was easy to find the fare. this? a little more difficult.

The fare has disappeared from Crystal Travel (who managed to get everything right – from frequent flyer information to seat assignments) when booking tickets.

However, a little digging kayak Came with a fare that became available again – this time in Travel Up.

From here, finding the rides I love is simple. Because I like to fly a wide-body plane on narrow trails, I chose to return 10:10 and 16:30 as they worked with Airbus A350-900 Planes. By pure chance – the same flight numbers I chose on my previous trip.

Anything for a chance to try out their new seat in business class.

Sadly, if Crystal Travel was a good fit for booking, TravelUp made me feel… less confident, to put it mildly.

How is that?

Hotels with a price less thanendlessWhile Guru Josh may like songs that talk about infinity, I prefer numbers that have meaning in the various plains of existence.

Then when making the booking process – frequent flyer details. If you’ve never seen a hot mess like this before…we’ll play a game – how many frequent fliers are these?

Nothing like a hot mess, eh?

I did a little research on my blog and found that I wrote about this issue in 2016. Not much has changed, unfortunately.

Money was taken from my account (which was fine), and the booking reference (which surprised me) appeared. I pressed my booking reference number and crossed my fingers.

Then he started getting rid of the clutter TravelUp left behind, with data in the wrong fields. It was so annoying that it took a month to open seat reservations on Finnair’s website.

In the end, what can you do? It’s less reason to use this company in the future.

As for hotels, I dropped the ball on this – to put it mildly. Due to some accident and wrong dates, my original choice was not available. Instead (and somewhat pixelated), I compiled for Crowne Plaza Helsinki Hotel About three days before my departure.

yes. My life has been a bit more complicated lately.

To get to Heathrow, I’ll count on it National Express as always. Well it was a choice of that or £35 for the train and £150 for the hotel the night before. I’ll pay £25 for the coach and pretend to be happy.

As for the return from London – I left that more open. Judging by how late I had been on the previous flight out of the safe zone, let alone London, I decided to leave my options wide open to get back to Birmingham.

Because you never know what adventure awaits you.

With everything prepared for this trip – time to go and collect some level points while I’m on it.

Next: sleep? What is this concept? anyone? anyone?

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