Let the right person in the trailer reveal a hunt for a vampire cure

Showtime has released a new trailer for its upcoming TV series Leave the right personThe 2004 novel by the Swedish author John Egvid Lindqvist which inspired the successful 2008 Swedish film of the same name, the 2010 English remake let me in championship Chloe Grace Moretz As well as a play. The thriller will premiere on October 7 — just in time for the Halloween season — with 10 episodes released per week.

in newly revealed Leave the right person trailer, Mark (Damian BashirAnd the the nun(Trying to provide the best life for his daughter, Eleanor)Madison Taylor BaysAnd the Selena: Series), who turned into a vampire 10 years ago. Locked up at the age of twelve, Eleanor can only get out at night while her father supplies her with the blood she needs to survive. The series offers a unique look at the vampire lore while upending expectations set by previous film adaptations that stayed true to the book’s plot. Although the introduction is similar to a little boy named Isaiah (Ian ForemanAnd the normal atmosphere) Befriend and communicate with a strange girl through an adjacent wall between their apartment using Morse code. Suspicions emerge when her father’s attempts to collect blood for her fail, drawing attention to the rise in missing persons reports and attempted assaults in the area. A young vampire is forced to go hunting alone, when he is unable to supply her with the life-sustaining blood she needs to live.

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The original horror story revolves around a young boy, Oscar, who inadvertently befriends a vampire who appears to be the same age. A vampire, Ellie, transformed years ago, leaving her stuck inside a child’s body, she lives in seclusion with a man named Haakon who helps her get the human blood she needs to survive. Although the trailer looks similar at first, it does reveal some of the ways this latest mod strays from the source material, by noting that Mark is the girl’s actual father rather than a familiar person who acts as a caregiver so as not to arouse suspicion towards them. Some lines also indicate that the father-daughter duo are actively searching for the vampire who turned Eleanor many years ago rather than just surviving and living a low-key life in an effort to avoid detection. The first line in the trailer directly refers to this conclusion: “Find the host, find the cure.”

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Andrew Henderkerwho worked previously dreadful pennyHe serves as presenter, executive producer, and writer for the series. seven man He was assigned to direct several episodes of Let the right to one and co-executive products with Marty AdelsteinAnd the Becky ClementsAnd the Alyssa Bachner. Bashir also produces the series, in addition to starring alongside him Anika Noni Rose (Energy), Grace Gummer (Mr. Robot), Kevin Carroll (Snowfall), Ian Foreman (Merry Wish Mass), Jacob Buster (Colony), And the Nick Stahlwho appeared in Fear of walking dead.

Let the right to one It will premiere on Showtime on October 7. Check out the latest official teaser below:

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