Devan drops a reimagined version of her song ‘NASCAR’ with John Fennell

Devan is a London-born singer, songwriter, and producer from Toronto, Canada. Not long ago, she released a reimagined version of her song “NASCAR” featuring John Fennell.

Devan – video feat lyrical “NASCAR”. John Fennell

“Working with Devan on ‘nascar’ was an amazing experience. As soon as I heard the song, I instantly fell in love with the style of songwriting it took. My goal was to add some different embellishments to an already great song to create a new experience for our fans. I can’t wait to hear back. Everyone has this special path.” John Fennell said

‘NASCAR’ has a relevant storyline and pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Lennon Stella, Lindsay Loomis and Sasha Alex Sloan. The endearing tone has light instrumentals loaded with guitars with contemporary flavor and indie pop elements. Furthermore, the song “nascar” featuring John Fennell will be featured in Devan’s upcoming EP, “Liquid Sunshine (Deluxe)” scheduled for release on September 16, 2022. Also, the song follows moderately in the wake of the original.


“This song came about in an interesting way because it evolved from a freestyle. I usually start with the lyrics, or at least with a general concept/emotion that I want to derive from. In this case, I just sat and looped some chords on the guitar and left an audio note playing until it was finished.” The song pretty much. It came so fast, I didn’t really know what I was trying to say until it was finished. It’s about escaping reality and wanting to be away from worry and sadness.” – Devan explained

Devan entered this moment by confronting the complexities of her past while wholeheartedly embracing the voices that she feels are authentic. Returning with music written and recorded during the pandemic, it reveals itself more than it does on any other project. Simple yet compelling, her lively voices remain constant throughout her work, yet this is just one part of her musical vision. As an emerging producer, her evocative electronic installations elevate the sentimentality of her songwriting – and this ever-changing soundscape is central to her overall art. This is especially evident in her all-new music, and there’s a lot to come.

Devan – “NASCAR” solo feat. John Fennell

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