Unidentified mysterious creature “Blue Goo” spotted in the Atlantic Ocean

The dark depths of the oceans are home to some of the most amazing and mysterious creatures on Earth that are still hidden from the outside world. Recently, scientists found an unknown sea creature while exploring the Atlantic Ocean. This animal called Blue Goo has been spotted many times by explorers who have not been able to identify it yet.

The discovery was made by the crew of the Okeanos Explorer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). A video of the blue substance was shared on Twitter by NOAA in which the unidentified creature was seen on the ocean floor. The creature, which is pale blue in color, has an unusual appearance that does not seem to match any other creature that has been seen before.

“Have you heard of the latest Okeanos mystery? This ‘sticky blue’ animal has been seen several times near St. Croix, and has baffled scientists, who thought it might be soft coral, a sponge, or a jacket (but not a rock!)” the caption read.

According to the video’s narrator, the scientists saw the organism several times during their expedition. However, the mystery surrounding it will remain until a sample is collected from it or high-quality images are sent to a coral expert to determine that it falls under the category of corals, as the narrator is heard to say.

The narrator added that scientists still didn’t know much about the creature but it was likely soft coral, a jacket, or a sponge. They insisted that the organism was not likely to be a rock.

The discovery was made during an ocean exploration trip to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Ridge Expedition. It is a series of three expeditions designed to explore the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Azores Plateau, and the Charlie Gibbs Rift Zone. Scientists expect a diverse array of marine organisms here backed by hydrothermal vents and the availability of a solid sea floor. Using a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) mapping, the scientists sought to shed some light on the explored areas of the ocean.

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