Downtown Report: Mid-September Edition

Old favorites from the past

In the latest issue, we mentioned some of the companies that have been in Villa del Sol for a long time. This seems to spark interest in discovering more of the old town center places that were once popular with the people of Fullerton. We can go back as much as you like, because some of the ancient residents have surely heard of or spent time at some of the famous sites in the distant past. Did you know there was a winery on Chapman Street? It was surrounded by one of the state’s largest vineyards in the 1880s. Alex Henderson’s blacksmith shop used to take care of the business at 121 South Spadra Road (now Harbor Blvd).

More well known to our readers was Williams, which any local camper/backpacker often visited in the ’70s, ’80s and beyond. In addition to providing all kinds of camping gear, they were known as Levi’s Headquarters and sold shoes, jackets, and a lot of other clothing. Originally an Odd Fellows Lodge, it became a menswear store in 1950. How about a Stills Café or Roy’s photo service at 216 Inn Harbor? Sporting Goods for Puig, the original Mickey? observer Reader Dennis reminded us of The Blue Wolf Library and Vision Arts. Do you have a story to share?

Peek at Charleston

It all seems to come together – the top floor in the Williams Corporation building is something we briefly mentioned a while ago. The name of the new development at Fullerton Ballroom, AKA Imperial Ballroom, is The Charleston. Special events, weddings and more will take place once the renovation is complete. Better than trying to explain all that this entails, here are some renderings that show you just how amazing the place can be.

Introducing the members’ lounge.

Presentation of the bridal suite.

Tommy Lasorda Street Gallery

A reminder that the City of Fullerton will honor Dodger Skipper and longtime Fullerton resident Tommy Lasorda at Fullerton Downtown Plaza on Thursday, September 22 from 4-9 p.m. Fullerton Museum Center accepts requests from vendors. Request information at (714) 519-4461 or [email protected].


The High Horse got a sneak peek at the charity fundraiser on Wednesday, September 21st and 100% of everything purchased goes straight to the Boys and Girls Club in Fullerton. We welcome all ages. Send an RSVP to [email protected] Why did we say “original” Mickey above? Mickey’s across Harbor is set to open soon, and a preview fundraiser will also take place Thursday, September 22 from 5-9 p.m., same details as above. RSVP to [email protected]. see you there.

photo contest

Where can you find this staircase in the middle of the city? Send an answer to Mike in [email protected].

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