Lower Atlantic. Homeless, their obstacle way to find housing

Bernard and Frederick met at the Moline camp.
Bernard and Frederick met at the Moline camp. © HSM

met at Mullen Camp in CleesonOne on the street for about 2 months, the other for 3 years, somehow trying to get over it Multiply the steps to get housing.

At 42, Frederic Deval, fight with management To get out of this difficult situation. Valletais has now found himself Homeless for nearly two months.

Originally from Beauvais, in Picardie, where he can’t find a job, and is recognized as a disabled worker, he meets someone on the internet who agrees to take him and help him find a job.

“I redo my old apartment on the first floorhe is March ”, explains the one who went to Vallet, as agreed. Bad surprise: this person does not keep his promises, and Frederick, cut off from the world, deprived of any social contact, spends his days cleaning his host’s house. “I saw no one, I was like bubble.” However, CDD was found as a fileextracurricular animation In Vallet in March and April. On July 10, his host kicked him out. Frederick goes to the camp, in his hand is the tent.

7 kg weight loss

It was an opportunity: this is where it opened. Camping made me a good moral. I met people.

Frederick would befriend many people, including Bernard, who was homeless for 3 years.

The camp owners help him with the official procedures. “It was a very good experience that changed me in a lot of things.” As for the lack of comfort, “At first, I had a problem but later, I adapted,” Friedrich makes a relative today who nonetheless He physically suffered from this situation : “When it rained, the tent was so wet that I slept in the rest room at the camp site.” A doctor follows him for his cough, but also for his cough Weight loss Because of his situation: “7 kilograms in total. The doctor signs a certificate indicating that Frederic does not have enough food, allowing him to release 130 euros in aid in August.

I was told that my case is not urgent. »

Frédéric has found a temporary studio in Vallet and hopes to secure it by finding a job. © HSM

Administrative buckets

Between the hassles of eating and administrative difficulties, Frederick navigates between them Many social workersBut he doesn’t feel well enough. I was told that my case is not urgent. Multiplies requests for food and housing assistance from various organizations. “I did all my steps on my own,” he says. In the face of the enormous administrative machine. A typo on his nickname in his file, for example, will disqualify him from itfood aid. He insists, he ends up winning his case.

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He will be offered accommodation in Divatte-sur-Loire, unsuitable for his condition, and Frederic will need to be there to look for a job. Meanwhile, another housing application “has been pending with an association since 1he is Planet Mars. »

Eventually, he’ll find out His file has been blocked due to an error. His file has already mentioned €100,902 as annual income! After being alerted last month, he decided to send a letter to the governor on July 25 to speed up the process. “We had to push higher,” explains Frederick with determination.

situation is getting better

Then his status was unblocked: he acquired, temporarily, a studio in Vallet.

“There, he starts to open up in terms of working and eating. It’s a change to have a bed, I had a hard time adjusting for two days.” But Valletais struggled with anxiety in the early days of his installation work.

I had nightmares at first, and I told myself I had to leave. I haven’t had a home in a long time. I found myself alone. There was also tension and anxiety.

The story ends well, though, for him. “I’m starting to eat a little again. I’m starting to rediscover the taste of life. Now, I may have leadership at work level, in Nantes.”

Meanwhile, Frédéric is still looking for a job asAdministrative receptionist or inEntertainment for kids. His rent is only for a few months, but he hopes to find permanent housing after that. This experience, however, it retains a bitter taste.

I am shocked that I am in France and that you are not getting help.

Bernard, retired…and homeless

Bernard, frustrated, surrenders to management, a “people-crushing machine.” © HSM

“We met at the camp with Bernard. We discussed our problems and his background.

At 67, this former poultry-collecting businessman’s retirement is dependent on MSA. For 5 years, only touch 1,000 euros, including an additional 300 euros. The amount is largely insufficient for a roof in the Loire Atlantic. Homeless for 3 yearsHis owners, in turn, rejected his requests for housing. Not because of my lack of sight.

I’ve placed orders everywhere, here and at Fendi.

Bernard is frustrated. Putting “I’m forced to accept it: It’s not funny but I have no other choice.” Secluded since his divorce, he has not seen his family, including his daughter, for several years.

victim of scams

Having lived in social housing in Saint-Nazaire three years ago, he saw conflicting relationships with his neighbors and decided to leave his residence to “go to a friend’s house”. A condition in which the retiree lived very poorly. “There was fighting and booze,” he recalls. I didn’t want to stay in a world like this. »

One day he discovers that he has Amazon overdraft 800 euros. “I went to my bank,” he says. They gave me back part of it. I did not know this company at all, ”confirms the pensioner who admitted that he has great difficulty using the computer. The man whose host is suspected of stealing his card overnight admits: “In six months, I changed my bank card 8 times.” He left Nantes to get to Camp in 2021. Since then, there are no more unwanted specimens.But the morally burdensome situation.

Mobile home, garage … winter d system

This winter, Bernard managed to buy a mobile home to sleep “warmly”, but had to sell it. So he runs. Anticipating the seasonal closure of the camp site, the retiree recently found a back-up solution until the end of winter.

I sleep with a friend in a garage in Clisson. I have nothing better at the moment.

His steps, Bernard retains a bitter feeling of being lowered and abandoned.

You have worked your whole life for France, you are retiring and you are being asked to quit ASAP because you are so expensive.

The social worker, Bernard saw her “two or three times”. no more. “Every time I go to see her I get an unpleasant impression,” the retiree admits.

Bernard does not ask for food aid, and his pension remains sufficient to feed himself. But it remains Searching for housing.

Her dearest wish is live in kojand. “There I grew up and my parents died,” expresses the one wishing to return to his bonds.

Bernard, who is still looking for housing, says to himself able to pay the rent, but each time an application is submitted, it is considered ‘ineligible’. An apartment in Cugand at €330 was refused.

Perhaps due to the lack of complementary evidence for it. It must be said that access to digital tools, including their use, seems very difficult for him.

I am not good with paper or the Internet. Then, how long am I going to argue with all this? Management is a machine for crushing people.

After several steps to obtain housing, Bernard is discouraged. “In terms of requests, I give up, I’m tired. I’m tired of fighting.”

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