New Bedford man mocked after he asked for crocodile cleaning advice

If you told me 10 years ago that Crocs shoes would be so wretched in shoes, I would have thought you were pulling my leg. Fast forward to 2022 when Zillennials (Gen Z), Millenials, and even Gen-Xers will shine Crocs for more than just a fashion statement.

Just ask Mikey “Mohawk” Tavares, a New Bedford native and a good friend of mine who recently discovered the comfort and ease of wearing Crocs. Tavares bought a pair of white Crocs shoes on the 4th of September and she’s been paying attention to them ever since.

Courtesy of Mickey “Mohawk” Tavares

Courtesy of Mickey “Mohawk” Tavares

“People were telling me these were so comfortable I would never believe it,” Tavares tells Fun 107, “I’ll probably never wear sneakers again.”

While some of his friends welcomed him at the “crocodile side,” others weren’t impressed with his purchase and took Tavares on a trip to Roast Town. “Boo that guy!” , I don’t know you anymore” And the “No, God, please no, no, no!” Loud echo below the new buy site.

To take the haters even further, Tavares took him to the next level by asking for advice on how to properly clean his cuddly crocodile. He was far from prepared for the brutality of the responses littered with his Facebook post.

* Cue public anger. *

“Easy, go to the kitchen, open the trash, and get inside. Next question,” John Aiello

“Lighter liquid.” -Paul Enos

“Right in the trash.” – Ryan Camacho

“You get a big white bag also known as a garbage bag, so the bag doesn’t go around and you shake it so the dirt falls out and it goes into the trash barrel outside and you put the barrel on the sidewalk, so when the trash truck comes in, he takes it to the scrap yard for extra cleaning.” – Britney Lebro

I’m not sure what the latter was supposed to say, but the message was clear back in the day with a common reply – “Throw them away”.

Fortunately, for Tavares’ sake, people have provided some great tips and tricks on how to go about cleaning his new white shoes:

“A little bit of your favorite liquid laundry detergent in the sink and scrub away.” – Gail Junette

“Do you have white ones? Baking soda and vinegar or water with a toothbrush.” – Brittany Lopez

“I usually just take a soapy face cloth and rub it in and then rinse it off and done… these are alligator perks that don’t take much, and if I get a pair of fuzzy clothes, I put baking soda in them so they don’t smell like sweat shoes” — Marisa Goldberg

“I use dish soap and water…or Lysol wipes, and baby wipes..literally anything.” -Stephanie Ann Limbos

Personally, I have never worn it before, nor am I interested in buying it. Tavares claims it’s perfect for “big guys” if you’re looking for something comfortable, and since I fall into this category, I should probably invest in a pair myself.

Tavares has thick skin and laughed sarcastically claiming he “didn’t know what he was missing” until he finally folded up and bought himself a pair. Comfort over judgment is his motto.

Moral of the story: Don’t judge anyone by shoes on their feet.

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