See you on Saturday 17th September at Camping de l’Hermitage for European Mobility Week!

As part of the 22nd edition of European Mobility Week, entertainment and discovery activities will be offered to the public free of charge at the Camping de l’Hermitage on Saturday 17 September from 9 am to 5 pm. Young and old alike will be able to experience different modes of soft and alternative modes of transportation: quad bike, electric bike, recumbent bike, tree climbing, electric scooter… Lots of activities that will surely delight visitors and make them think about how they travel on a daily basis.

On the occasion of European Mobility Week, Camping de l’Hermitage is hosting several events as part of this special week that takes place from 16 to 22 September. The twenty-second edition that leads us to question our travel routes. The opportunity to adopt an eco-citizen approach on short and long trips in our daily lives. Under the motto “For Better Communication, Combine Mobility!” , this event aims to encourage as many Reunion residents as possible to prefer easy and alternative travel to the private car: public transport, carpooling, car sharing, as well as bicycles or electric-powered (VAE) bicycles, scooters, mopeds, skateboards, and so on.

The modern and responsible city of St. Paul wanted to celebrate the occasion by offering various activities such as slack line spotting, quad rides, electric wheelchairs… Also as part of the sustainable development of the European Week, various workshops and events will be presented to the public, such as making shopping bags from Before the Association Les Voiles de Marguerite or raising awareness of the harmful effects of the sun on the skin.

The municipality of Saint-Paul actively participates in the development of everyday travel patterns. The municipality, which bears the mark of an active and sporting city, is involved in many long-term operations, underlining the municipality’s commitment to making Saint-Paul a sustainable and ecological city, as well as a cycling district.

Thus, in order to support and encourage the Reunionese to choose a softer mode of transport more regularly, the City of Saint-Paul is developing its territory: improvements to bike paths, construction of a bike path in the Raven-la-Plain bed, installation of hoops in the city center, and awareness-raising in schools thanks to “Savoir Rouler” scheme, publishing scheme to help Saint-Paulois get electric bikes, etc. Transportation that respects the environment.

So, see you on September 17 at Camping de l’Hermitage, many games and activities await you!

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