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You don’t need an app to catch more fish, but these five choices will help increase your catch.

Perhaps the last thing you want to do while fishing is doodle on a cell phone, but when we tested some time on the five best mobile apps for boats, some of the apps can come in handy on the water. And when you’re trying to bend rods, believe it or not, these five picks from the best fishing apps will help you get your job done.

ANGLR تطبيق app

Back when strokes were in vogue and fish finders were black and white, many anglers would write their catch information in a log book. The records are incredibly valuable, as they allow you to look back over time and learn about fish catching patterns that range from the tidal stage to the selection lure. But today, pulling out paper and pen puts you in the cave. Enter: ANGLR app. Not only does it allow you to log a huge amount of data, but it does most of the work on its own. Locate a location with a fishing gadget, for example, along with a GPS location, the app records time, weather conditions, tidal data, barometric pressure and other variables. The best use of this app is “Bullseye,” a button that you can clip to your penis or the brim of your hat. When you catch a fish, just tap the Bullseye to record the catch, and it will bluetooth data straight to your phone. You can also download the app to your Apple Watch and enjoy the same kind of quick sign-up ease. One downside: With the app and GPS constantly active, it sucks a lot of power out of the phone. We’ve found that it can drain a full battery in four or five hours, so if you’re using it constantly, you’ll want to have a backup power supply available.

Visit ANGLR for more information.


FishBrain claims to be “the most popular fishing app in the world”. It has a large social component (with what is claimed to be 14 million fishermen worldwide), and seems to be the preferred app especially among young fishermen for gathering and sharing information with like-minded fishermen. It contains seemingly endless maps, along with fishing maps including data on things like public access points, boat ramps, and marinas. We advise taking the user-scored catch with a grain of salt, because it is not as hard to find a false catch as walleye in the ocean and Tarpon 100 miles inland. Visit FishBrain for more information.


Hey, you knew we wouldn’t talk about apps without including BD’s FishDope, right?! This base covers all bases for offshore West Coast anglers, with sea surface temperature and chlorophyll charts, hot bite report map, live VHF streaming, and current catch reports. Intel is collected from professional captains, sport boats, charter boats, commercial fishermen, and more – even FishDope has eyes in the sky, contracting fish-monitoring commercial planes to roam the outside looking for flocks of fish and kelp fields, weekly, from July Until October. No, the $169 subscription fee isn’t cheap, but consider how much fuel you can save because you won’t be spinning your wheels away from the beach for hours on end…Visit FishDope to find out more.

If you’re not in the Southern California area, Satfish offers many of the same jobs as FishDope including high-resolution SST charts and chlorophyll charts that you can bring with you overseas nationwide. Visit SatFish to find out more.


Fishency is another type of recording app, which can be used via phone or smartwatch (both Apple and Android). It can also be used hands-free with voice guidance. Like other logging apps, it automatically collects a lot of data that you had to write down once at a time, such as weather conditions, time, GPS location, and moon phase. It has the added advantage of compiling your records to look for commonalities such as which lure you can catch the most fish on. As with other GPS-enabled apps, it takes a toll on your phone’s battery power. Visit Fishency on the App Store for more information.

Trollmaster Depth Calculator

If you want to stop guessing exactly how deep your trolling bait is working and install it, Troll Master Depth Calculator is the ticket. This is a shockingly accurate app that tells you the depth at which a specific lur is triggered when trolling with specific lines at specific speeds, with or without additional weight. Calculations were checked by real-world depth measurements using a digital pressure sensor to ensure accuracy, and more than 120 common lure fished in eight to 250 lb lines, including 12 to 45 lbs., are in the database. This is a bit pricey ($49.99 gives you a lifetime subscription) but it’s so useful, there’s no BS app. Visit Troll Master Depth Calculator for more information.

Will using any or even all of these apps make you stand out? Sorry, no. But in your quest for more and bigger fish, each of these fish can give you the edge to compete.

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