Double the fun on one of the best family outings in Michigan

What’s better than one adventure? Two adventures! There are many places to cherish memories throughout Michigan, but some of the most memorable attractions are tucked away in the least expected places. When you’re looking for a two-for-one experience that the whole family will love, head to an underappreciated section of the Upper Peninsula. You’ll find one of the best family trips in Michigan – and it’s absolutely exhilarating.

For more information on these two great areas of the Upper Peninsula, check out the GarLyn Zoo website and the Hog Island Point State Forest Campground information page. Have you checked out any of these places during previous visits to the area? Are there any other nearby activities that should be included among the best family trips in Michigan? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment on Facebook or filling out our official nomination form.

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Tabuk: Garlyn Zoo Wildlife Park, US-2, Naubinway, MI 49762, USA

Tabuk: Hog Island State Forest Campground, N7590 Hiawatha Trail, Naubinway, MI 49762, USA

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